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BlackRock gets a robo-advisor with FutureAdvisor acquisition

BlackRock will soon be the latest large firm to own its own robo-advisory with its announcement of its intent to purchase FutureAdvisor.

Thinknum harnesses the Internet's big data for financial analysis

Wall Street is always looking for alpha, but building the models and collecting the data to find that alpha can be time-consuming and exhausting. After watching Wall Street colleagues email spread sheets to each other, or search through shared drives to try to find models that others before them may have created, Justin Zhen and Gregory Ugwi decided there must be an easier way.

BNY working to update fund pricings delayed by SunGard glitch

Bank of New York Mellon is working to provide accurate closing prices for certain mutual funds and exchange traded funds affected by a glitch Monday in the SunGard Data Systems technology that BNY Mellon uses to generate net asset values.


Nasdaq Futures taps Options City for derivatives settlement pricing

The recently launched Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX) is partnering with OptionsCity Software for settlement pricing for derivatives contracts traded on the exchange.

Fidelity Information Services opens lab to explore serving India's underbanked

Fidelity Information Services (FIS) is launching a financial inclusion lab in Bengaluru, India, to develop ways to provide banking services to the millions of India's underbanked citizens....