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  • Taking another look at treasury technology

    Treasury technology might not have the allure of Google Glass. It might seem to outsiders like the quiet corner of the firm removed from flashy technology advances. But in an article that ran in bobsguide, Bank of America Merrill Lynch senior vice president and EMEA treasury specialist Des Twort argues that treasury technology is making great strides--if not right in front of our eyes, then under our noses.

36 companies weigh in on how to fix the FX benchmark

Thirty-six companies, ranging from Deutsche Bank to Vanguard to CME Group and many more, submitted comments on proposed changes to the calculation of the daily FX benchmark. The Financial Stability Board, which is coordinating efforts to rework the currency benchmark in the wake of the price fixing-scandal, had given the industry until Aug. 12 to comment on proposals such as widening the amount of time it takes to calculate the benchmark and adopting alternative forms of benchmark calculation.

Confusion about data formats and models clouds European trade reporting

Phase two of European Market Infrastructure Regulation trade reporting went into effect last week but several European firms and market players expressed confusion around the specifics of how the data should be reported. The second phase of EMIR requires all over-the-counter asset classes and exchange-traded derivatives to report their daily market position and collateral values to the appropriate trade repositories.

StockSolid debuts sentiment-based algorithmic strategies

A new social media-based trading company that plans to launch later this month uses a proprietary scoring system to trade based on Tweets, news feeds and search activity on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Bank-backed fintech accelerators swell in number

Wells Fargo began accepting applications for the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator this week from young companies with technology ideas related to payments, deposits, fraud and other issues that could shape financial services. Earlier this month, Fidelity Investments hosted four teams of Harvard students who demonstrated financial technology products that Fidelity could bring to market.

SEC chief information officer departs

Securities and Exchange Commission chief information officer Thomas Bayer, who has led the agency's IT efforts during a period when technology issues have been at the forefront of trading...