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  • Are chip card transactions too slow?

    When the U.S. credit and debit card industry began its transition from magnetic stripe cards to chip cards last year, the move was hailed as an essential step toward making card transactions more secure. Now, as the conversion is underway, some retailers have voiced their first complaint about the new technology.  

Nasdaq redesigns entire technology portfolio

Nasdaq has launched a redesign of its technology architecture into a more open, agile environment that the company describes as "evolutionary." The new architecture, which Nasdaq calls the Nasdaq Financial Framework, divides Nasdaq technology into key component layers to make it easier for end user firms to leverage the latest technology and bring new functionality to market more quickly.

Neptune enables pre-trade data sharing through Fidessa

Neptune, the open standards network utility for sharing axe and inventory information in the bond market, has completed a connection to Fidessa's Minerva buy-side OMS. The connection means that buy-side firms using Fidessa can access pre-trade bond data on the Neptune network using their existing workflow.

Fraudster study finds increasing adeptness at exploiting weak controls

A detailed study profiling 750 fraudsters found that an increasing number of perpetrators are opting to commit fraud upon identifying weak controls within a company. 

Bloomberg Entity Exchange aims to speed counterparty onboarding

Bloomberg has launched Entity Exchange, a web-based platform intended to help buy-side firms speed onboarding with trading counterparties. The platform streamlines the onboarding process by serving as a centralized repository through which hedge funds can store, manage and securely share data with brokers and other counterparties.

TradingView social network for retail investors adds trading

When TradingView first launched about four years ago, it sought to give retail traders access to the tools and advantages of their professional counterparts, including data, charts and analytics, along with a community of peers with which to exchange ideas. Now, with just over a million monthly active users, this trading information and social network is adding a key feature it didn't have: trading.