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  • ICE's SuperDerivatives purchase highlights the importance of derivatives data

    Exchange operator IntercontinentalExchange's announcement last week that it is buying financial market data provider SuperDerivatives for about $350 million will marry two companies that began taking a highly automated approach to the derivatives market, even before many of the derivatives markets themselves were fully committed to moving in that direction.

Barclays investment banking CEO says turnaround strategy emphasizes returns over revenues

Barclays is turning around its investment banking business with a strategy that focuses on return on investment rather than revenue growth, Tom King, CEO of Barclays' investment bank, told attendees of the Barclays Global Investor's Conference in New York.

Trade monitoring technology for spotting fraud also IDs HFT front-running

When proprietary equities trading firm Trillium Management LLC first began building a market monitoring tool several years ago, the goal was to spot illegal practices like the "layering" that several of its traders had been charged with engaging in back in 2010. But with the growth of high-frequency trading in U.S. equities markets, the firm found the tools could also provide a detailed look at how other market players can use sophisticated routing technology to jump ahead of orders.

Apple's late entrance into mobile payments smooths the bumps of forerunners

Apple's much-anticipated entrance into mobile payments uses fingerprint scans and tokenization to emphasize security and usability. The release, coming a year or more after rival mobile payment schemes from competitors such as Google, PayPal and mobile carrier-backed Softcard, aims to correct some of the hiccups that have drawn criticism for its predecessors.

ICE adds HCH to growing collection of clearinghouses

Intercontinental Exchange has agreed to make a strategic investment in Holland Clearing House (HCH) a derivatives clearinghouse based in Amsterdam that will be the company's first clearing house in continental Europe. The HCH investment, along with ICE Clear Singapore, which is being developed for launch in several months, signals the broadening global reach of ICE's clearing business.

Traders say derivatives trading is more transparent and more costly

The sweeping changes to the over-the-counter derivatives market ushered in by the Dodd-Frank Act have made trading more transparent, but also more costly, according to results of an International...