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  • FX fallout continues

    Boston Prime, a U.K. Financial Conduct Authority-registered prime brokerage, and BT Prime, a Bermuda-licensed prime broker and institutional liquidity provider, both announced they have ceased all...

Fixed income platform from RiskVal and Quantitative Brokers weds real-time analytics with algo execution

A new fixed income trading platform jointly developed by RiskVal and Quantitative Brokers merges real-time relative value analytics with advanced algorithmic execution of relative value trades. The RVQB platform, currently in beta with a select group of clients, was unveiled in a demonstration at RiskVal offices Wednesday.


Observers see potential for BATS in Hotspot acquisition

Observers have largely reacted favorably to the BATS Global Markets acquisition of currency trading platform Hotspot FX from KCG Holdings, with predictions that the move might signal further tie-ins between FX and exchanges. BATS is acquiring Hotspot for $365 million in cash, with an agreement to share certain tax benefits that could result in further payments to KCG of up to 70 million  over three years.


Commissioner Giancarlo proposes alternative to CFTC's swaps trading framework

Identifying a list of what he called "adverse consequences" of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's swaps trading framework, CFTC Commissioner J. Christopher Giancarlo is proposing an alternative that he says would be more "pro-reform." Laying out his proposal in an 81-page white paper, the commissioner says a redo of the existing OTC swaps market structure would enable a system that would be more true to congressional intent and would better align with swaps market dynamics. Giancarlo discussed his paper in a keynote presentation at a TABBForum conference Thursday in New York.

Aggressive divestment puts RBS 'bad bank' goals ahead of schedule

Royal Bank of Scotland may be on pace to shed the most toxic assets in its 'bad bank' as much as one year ahead of schedule, Bloomberg first reported.  RBS created its bad bank in January 2014, placing 28.9 billion British pounds in the unit.


Alibaba-owned credit agency employs big data analytics for new view of creditworthiness

Alibaba's finance arm is launching a new credit agency that will use big data analytics to rate customers or businesses with little or no credit history. The new agency, Sesame Credit Management,...

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