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  • Ethical hackers look for security weaknesses before they are exploited

    The Department of Homeland Security said it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, yet Scottrade and the American Bankers Association have both reported breaches in the past week. For those organizations, forensic security will fully unwind the severity of the situation, but firms are increasingly adopting preemptive, or ethical hacking to uncover the weaknesses before they are exploited.

LoopPay hackers sought intellectual property, breach adds to mobile payment security challenges

LoopPay, the technology acquired by Samsung it its bid to differentiate itself from ApplePay, was reportedly breached months ago by a Chinese hacking group looking to replicate its technology, Samsung has confirmed. The LoopPay network is physically separate from Samsung Pay, according to Samsung, and neither the phone-based payment service, nor any customer records of the service were impacted by the breach.


Saxo Payments looks to serve ecommerce growth with global payments infrastructure

Global business-to-consumer commerce is expected to reach $2.3 trillion in 2018, according to eMarketer, yet rapid sales growth will put increasing demands on the payment infrastructure supporting that business.

Eurex Clearing launches new service for initial margin calculation

Deutsche Borse subsidiary Eurex Clearing, which is one of the world's leading clearinghouses, is launching a new service for calculating initial margins on current and hypothetical portfolios. The new service, called Eurex Clearing Prisma Margin Estimator, will become available November 16.

Bernstein makes pairs trading tool available to its customers through Bloomberg App Portal

Bernstein, the research and execution services arm of AllianceBernstein (AB), is launching a pairs trading application for its customers to automate the process of selecting the right parameters for pairs trading strategies. The company is making the application available to its clients who use Bloomberg's Execution Management System through the Bloomberg App Portal.


Moscow Exchange's T+0 and centralized FX facilitate electronic market making

Making markets in emerging markets can be challenging. While Russia has experienced a period of economic volatility over the past 18 months, Moscow Exchange has several features that have made it a...