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Overstock boosts its cryptosecurities industry investment with plans to acquire SpeedRoute

Online retailer Overstock, which has spent more than a year exploring the intersection of crypto currency and securities technology, has announced plans to acquire a group of related financial technology companies that it says will strengthen that effort. The company has entered into agreements to acquire SpeedRoute Technologies and related businesses, which it calls a "pioneering development" in connecting existing national markets and blockchain related software.


Electronic payment alternative grows in overlooked B2B payment space

With Android Pay and Samsung Pay preparing to challenge Apple Pay and PayPal, the consumer payments space is exploding with payment alternatives. But a four-year-old company sees the business-to-business payment space as even more primed for disruption.

BNY Mellon adds safeguards after SunGard glitch lasted longer than expected

As of 9 a.m. Monday all systems had returned to normal at BNY Mellon following a tumultuous week in the stock market made more challenging by a glitch in the SunGard system that the custody bank uses to calculate fund net asset values.

HSBC payments failure renews concerns about aging payment infrastructures

A processing failure that prevented 275,000 HSBC customers in the U.K. from receiving their pay ahead of a holiday weekend last weekend has renewed concerns in the U.K. about how effectively banks are maintaining their payment infrastructures.

NYSE may be looking for non-traditional income through patent licensing

The New York Stock Exchange may be looking to generate income by licensing trading technology patents. The company has asked large clients what they would be willing to pay for trading technology...