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  • With rise of wealth management, a call for more RIA audits

    The year 2014 has so far shaped up to be a banner one for wealth management. Charles Schwab's 2014 Benchmarking Study reported that registered investment advisors (RIAs) in this year's study had the highest profitability since the inception of the study in 2006.

Buy side turns to compression and compaction

With the move of swaps trading to central clearing, buy-side firms have begun adopting new methods for optimizing their balance sheets. Using compression, compaction and termination services, buy side firms are using highly automated processes for consolidating the open line items on their balance sheets.

JPMorgan and other banks hit by cyberattack

The FBI and the Secret Service are investigating cyberattacks against several American financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase & Co. Reports vary on many of the details, but the attacks were first discovered earlier this month and may have resulted in the theft of gigabytes of sensitive data.

European Central Bank hires BlackRock for advice

The European Central Bank has hired BlackRock Solutions to help it design and implement a potential asset-backed securities purchasing program. The final decisions on the design of an ABS purchasing plan will be made by the ECB's governing council and the ECB will be responsible for carrying the plan out.

SEC votes for more checks on rating agencies

The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved new checks and safeguards for rating agencies aimed at preventing conflicts of interest and ensuring the integrity of credit ratings.

Wells Fargo warns of fewer mortgages to underserved if 'putback' risks remain

Wells Fargo & Co. CEO John Stumpf expressed frustration over what the mortgage industry refers to as its high "putback" risk, and vowed to write fewer mortgages to borrowers with...

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