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New CME Europe exchange preps for end of September launch

The launch for the CME Group's new market, to be called CME Europe, is set for September 29 but anyone thinking it will be alone before the comPetition steps in should think again. The Deutsche Borse-owned derivatives exchange Eurex will launch FX derivatives on October 7th.

Beware high-frequency scammers

Thanks to a new law, hedge funds can now advertise and offer their services to smaller investors. And the potential for abuse is still present.

Nasdaq Suffers 6-Minute Trading Glitch

The Nasdaq Stock Market says it experienced a trading system glitch on Wednesday morning - just two weeks after it suffered an embarrassing afternoon outage that stopped all trading. But, in good news, this outage only last six minutes.

Bank of America debuts email ATM receipts

Look out: Your wallet might get slimmer and your pocketbook a little bit lighter. Banks of America is now offering customers the chance to receive email copies of the ATM receipts.

Visa mobile banking forms IBM and Monitise troika

Visa Europe has a new arsenal in its mobile banking battle plans. Under some new deals, Visa will receive services from mobile money firm Monitise that include its Bank Anywhere, Pay Anyone and Buy Anything offerings. Visa has also signed on IBM for software, technology services and consulting to run the Monitise offerings.

Australian Securities Exchange adopts gear from NYSE Technologies

The Oz bourse has some new kit. Or in American English: The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is now connected to NYSE Technologies' secure financial transaction infrastructure network.

Ambitious Australian IT project aims to create 30K finance jobs

While it may seem that American college graduates with technology degrees would rather work for Google or start the next Instagram, Australia is doing something about the next generation of financial IT. In an ambitious program, the government is funding a technology program at the University of Sydney that could create as many as 30,000 finance jobs.

Welcome to the Month of the Trading Glitch

Remember when August was sleepy and dull? Nearly everyone was on vacation at the lake or the shore watching the kids play before the siren call of a new school year. Or they were dropping off the older ones at college with a few tears and instructions not to put that new pair of red socks in the load of white laundry. It was all so … dull but in a good way.

CBOE suffers market data glitch

CBOE Holdings, the operator of the largest U.S. options exchange, suffered problems with a selection of market-data services early Tuesday morning.

Report: HFT fails to roil futures volatility

The high-frequency trading debate has a familiar dialogue that you can hear with your eyes closed: HFT critics say that it creates dangerous volatility while supporters say that HFT provides much-needed liquidity in a fractured market.