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Cross-border issues continue to plague derivatives market

Last Thursday, EU and U.S. regulators met to try to harmonize rules regarding central clearing in the derivatives market. Despite the optimistic nature of the joint statement regulators released after that meeting pledging to work toward a summer full of resolutions on issues, most reactions seemed less upbeat.

With concerns mounting, Finra puts its big data CARDS project on hold

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has pressed the pause button on its controversial CARDS program, bowing to pressure from financial firms that have widely criticized the project.

Reference data's new role

Firms have long faced pressure to maintain clean, consistent and accurate reference data, critical for processing trades, and for managing events like corporate actions related to securities held in portfolios. A combination of regulations, technology and increasing trading volumes may be putting new pressures on reference data and in some cases changing how firms view and use it.


Will banks and non-banks move toward a hybrid model?

A week ago when Citi, the country's third largest lender, announced a $150 million partnership with online peer-to-peer platform Lending Club, Lending Club founder and CEO Renaud Laplanche described the partnership as symbiotic.

No shortage of enthusiasm for Apple Watch from financial firms

When Apple Watch sold out in six hours on its first day of pre-orders last week, it even took some of the most bullish Apple observers by surprise.

UBS and BNY are latest to dabble in blockchain or bitcoin-related tech

UBS and BNY Mellon are two of the latest large banks to publicly reveal that they are exploring the technology behind bitcoin, the distributed digital currency that is both lauded and criticized in the press, sometimes on the same day. Despite mixed reviews, the number of financial technology companies that support bitcoin, whether through bitcoin mining, digital wallet solutions or other technologies, has been increasing. There are growing signs that Wall Street is taking notice.

Debate over equity market structure continues

Some may have thought last year's equity market structure debates would fade in the new year, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Starting January 6, BATS Global Markets released an open letter to market participants making recommendations on what it sees as three key issues.

Nasdaq technology to power bitcoin marketplace founded by Wall Street veteran

A startup bitcoin trading marketplace founded by Wall Street veterans has enlisted Nasdaq to provide it with high-performance trading technology used by exchanges around the world. The marketplace, called Noble Markets, sought Nasdaq technology to lend legitimacy to its platform for the institutional clients it is aiming to attract.

HFT, correlated markets fuel interest in optimal trade scheduling

To compete in fast-paced markets, traders often not only employ algorithmic trading strategies, but use algorithmic tools to calculate how well their algorithms are performing. Trading solutions vendors say they are seeing increasing interest in tools that alert traders throughout the day to market conditions that may warrant making adjustments to algorithms or even switching to different algorithms altogether before markets close.

Big data analytics may drive growth of mobile phone recording

Big data analytics may be spurring increased uptake of mobile phone monitoring at brokerage firms, as firms are increasingly discussing the two types of technologies hand in hand.