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Will regulatory compliance drive artificial intelligence adoption?

With their vast warehouses of structured and unstructured data, and the competitive pressures they are facing from nimble technology companies, financial firms may seem like prime candidates for artificial intelligence (AI) technology. But another driver may be also attracting firms to AI and cognitive technologies: compliance.


Barclays 'last look' fine adds to FX debate over the practice

Barclays $150 million fine from New York banking regulators last month over alleged misuse of the FX market's "last look" rule is heating up the longstanding debate about the whether the rule helps or hurts foreign exchange trading.


Investment in fintech firms rose 66%, study shows

Investments in financial technology are estimated to reach $20 billion this year, a 66 percent increase over the $12 billion investment reported last year, according to a new study.

LEI codes await new mandates

One of the possible side effects of the expected one-year delay in the implementation of Europe's landmark Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, is that it may further postpone the industry's incentive to adopt legal entity identifiers as a tool for assessing systemic risk.

Online small business lending prediction: Transparency and refinance in 2016

The small business lending market has undergone major transitions in the past decade, as banks retrenched from the space and a growing number of alternative lenders stepped in to fill the void. But 2016 may see new trends emerging from this altered landscape.

Anti-money laundering challenges may cause retrenchment from correspondent banking, study shows

Anti-money laundering requirements can be costly and challenging to implement in general. In the correspondent banking world, the challenge can be magnified by multiple additional layers of complexity. This complexity has prompted some banks to pull back from correspondent banking, a recent PwC report argues, creating a new phenomenon in the correspondent banking world known as de-risking.


Looking to bring innovation to the data center

Founded in 2013, the OpenPOWER Foundation is an open technical membership organization that IBM hopes will enable data centers to rethink their approach to technology. Members are encouraged to customize IBM POWER CPU processors and system platforms for their business needs.


Intel Security's McAffee Labs predicts financial sector to be hit by 'integrity' attack in 2016

In 2016 an "integrity" attack in the financial sector will result in millions of dollars quietly redirected to anonymized accounts, according to a Threat Prediction Report released Tuesday by Intel Security's McAffee Labs.


SEC approval of crowdfunding rules prompts Seedrs' immediate announcement of US beta site launch

On Friday the Security and Exchange Commission approved rules to allow companies to sell equity stakes to regular mom and pop investors through crowdfunding. On Monday, U.K.-based crowdfunding company Seedrs already announced that it plans to launch a beta test of its platform in the U.S. within weeks, with an official launch expected in early 2016.


Backers of blockchain aim to boost its image through law enforcement partnership

Bitcoin fortunes may come and go, but the distributed ledger or blockchain technology that underpins bitcoin has steadily gained respect, particularly in the financial services and payments space. The companies that are building business models around blockchain technology, however, are worried enough about the technology's image problem to partner with law enforcement to try to change it.