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The other side of regulations: collateral management

As regulations go into effect throughout the derivatives industry, much attention is being devoted to shifting trading requirements as the industry moves from bilateral trading to a world where trading will be conducted increasingly on electronic platforms. But a new report from the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. shines light on other aspects of the regulations that may be just as impactful as the new trading venues.

Cyber criminals and the art of disguise

One lesson learned from the Target credit card scandal is that hacking, once perhaps considered primarily an IT problem, has now been elevated to a business problem. This is highlighted not only by the costs of the Target scandal, but by the sophistication of the cyber-hacking techniques and the evidence of pre-meditated criminal strategy employed by the perpetrators.

Awaiting the dawn of a new day for swaps trading

The OTC swaps markets spent much of last year preparing for a trading revolution. News reports indicate that the revolution is about to begin.


Evangelizing fixed income automation starting from post trade

About a year ago, there was a lot of buzz around the idea of "The Great Rotation" when investment would rotate out of low-yield bonds and into stocks. That movement doesn't seem to have occurred in the massive form that the name "Great Rotation" implies, but what if some event spurred a lot of reshuffling of investments around the bond market? From a post-trade perspective, it could get messy.


FierceFinance is now part of FierceFinanceIT

Technology drives an ever-increasing portion of the investment, trading and asset management sectors. That's why we have made the decision to merge sister publication FierceFinance into...

Ringing the opening bell on a new year

Welcome to a new year of FierceFinanceIT. We are looking forward to continuing to watch many of the big stories of 2013 that will continue to grow and develop in this new year – the emergence of SEFs, the effects of the Volcker Rule, the bond market's various efforts to find new ways to embrace electronic trading, to name a few.


FierceFinance is moving to FierceFinanceIT

Beginning in January, 2014, FierceFinance will become part of FierceFinanceIT. Technology drives an ever-increasing portion of the investment, trading and asset management sectors. We're following suit, increasing our focus on IT operations across the financial services industry.

Data gathering by helicopter and satellite

There may be no better image of Wall Street's hunger for data – and Wall Street's largesse – than surveillance pictures taken by helicopter and satellite for the purpose delivering traders advanced trading information.


A look at the NYSE's Institutional Liquidity Plan

The dark vs. lit execution debate has grown more complex as of late. The reality is that dark execution has proven to be quite attractive to the exchange companies that have complained bitterly about...

Will the Volcker Rule be enforced?

An esteemed New York Times columnist raises a tough question: will the Volcker Rule be enforced? One would think that answer would be, "Yes." But it's not so simple. Given the...