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Open APIs continue to gain steam

Last week the Danish multi-asset trading and investment firm Saxo Bank announced that it would open access to its trading infrastructure with the launch of OpenAPI. It's not alone.


For ANZ Bank, mobile banking data yields data for improving sales force effectiveness

When ANZ Bank first embarked on a mobile banking strategy for its small- and medium-sized business customers back in 2012, it aimed to keep pace with customers' mobile preferences. What it found, however, was that 'going mobile' would not only alter the way the bank presented information to business customers, but it would change the way the bank reviewed and assessed its own sales performance as well.

Banks and fintech firms look out of the box for the next new thing

SunGard is preparing to judge the finalists of its third annual 2015 Coder Cup competition, aimed at driving innovation from within its ranks. ABN Amro is partnering with co-working space-builder The Startup Orgy to help Dutch startups excel. And MasterCard is globally expanding its Start Path program for partnering with startup companies, extending the program that began in Europe to Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Rethinking how circuit breakers could be less impactful on ETFs

Circuit breakers, which were implemented in stock exchanges in response to the 2010 flash crash, initially appeared to be a big success story of the volatile trading days last week.


Circuit breakers win, dark pools lose in stock market rout

It wasn't the "flash crash," but the rout of equity markets that began Monday offered a glimpse of how the market's technology  infrastructure stands up to sudden volatility.

Guessing the trickle down effects of commission unbundling

In announcing this week that it has achieved the payment institution status that will enable it to offer clients a "hard dollar" solution for paying for research, Instinet said it was planning to launch the new service in response to customer demand.

The investigation of the JPMorgan hack plays on through bitcoin, fraternity brothers and more

Recently unsealed indictments in two unrelated criminal investigations have revived last summer's big news story of the hack of JPMorgan, albeit with a new cast of characters and maybe even more intrigue.

ITG woes signal continued scrutiny of dark pools

Investment Technology Group (ITG) ousted its chief executive of nine years this week, less than a week after announcing that was setting aside $20.3 million for a potential settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission over past issues related to the operation of its POSIT dark pool.  


Deutsche Borse acquires 360T, with rumors of more exchange FX acquisitions to come

Deutsche Borse announced Sunday that it is buying over-the-counter trading platform 360T, greatly boosting its foreign exchange operations less than six months after BATS Global Markets closed its Hotspot FX acquisition. Rumors of other acquisitions of FX venues by exchanges, and reports that other exchange players had bid on 360T have drawn attention to the potential for consolidation in the $1.6 trillion a day FX market.

Firms turn to social media monitoring for cyberthreat detection

Last year social domains reportedly began outnumbering traditional domains for the first time. For a growing number of companies, including many of the top banks in the U.S., monitoring this more informal part of the Internet is becoming a key defense in identifying criminals looking to gain entry into a firm or divert business away from it, experts say.