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Information security in the age of mobility and big data

For today's financial firms, information security is a battle fought on many fronts. On one hand, firms are reaching out to deliver data on tablets and mobile phone and to tap services on private clouds. At the same time, internally firms are integrating disparate silos of information and collecting "big data" to create deeper and more detailed views of the enterprise.

Time for special exchange for small cap stocks?

The lack of liquidity that plagues small-cap stocks has become one of those long-running issues that never seems to get resolved. People have rightly been bemoaning the state of this once-vibrant...

Banks will eventually embrace online gambling

Will online betting take off soon in the United States? Some think it is bound to happen, sooner rather than later. Already, three states have moved to legalize such gaming, and more will likely...

Searching for the glitch before it happens

On Tuesday, the country's largest stock exchanges announced that they have agreed to a plan to strengthen markets, in response to regulators' demands for changes that would stem the tide of market disruptions. Details were few but the news was welcome. On the same day, one of the newest US stock trading venues announced it was taking its own steps to avoid trading disruptions.

Study: CARD Act actually worked

Credit and debit card fees have been a front-burner issues for years now, with Reg E changes, the Durbin Amendment and the CARD Act generating a lot of discussion. It's fair to say that many...

Intellectual Ventures may spark patent suit backlash

Not too long ago, Intellectual Ventures joined the rogue's list of patent companies going after the banking industry. The company is in the midst of a high-profile campaign against top banks,...

Death, taxes and rising message rates

The old adage that nothing is certain but death and taxes has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin. If Franklin worked in today's financial industry, he might modify that a bit.

Shareholder activism going global

Every so often, we hear talk about how shareholder activism will soon be going global. It's a perennial prediction, one that has yet to fully materialize. But it is (still) on the way! We're...

New funds transfer services depend on an aging ACH system

One of the greatest benefits of financial technology at the consumer level is ease of use, which often translates into raw speed. But there are limits to this new technology, even as it transforms...

Having some fun with Enron

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has imposed many new requirements on Wall Street. One of those requirements affects how firms save and store certain oral communications, including calls and texts from mobile devices.The technology companies that store and save oral recordings have very different ways or reminding Wall Street of these new requirements.