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Death, taxes and rising message rates

The old adage that nothing is certain but death and taxes has been attributed to Benjamin Franklin. If Franklin worked in today's financial industry, he might modify that a bit.

Shareholder activism going global

Every so often, we hear talk about how shareholder activism will soon be going global. It's a perennial prediction, one that has yet to fully materialize. But it is (still) on the way! We're...

New funds transfer services depend on an aging ACH system

One of the greatest benefits of financial technology at the consumer level is ease of use, which often translates into raw speed. But there are limits to this new technology, even as it transforms...

Having some fun with Enron

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has imposed many new requirements on Wall Street. One of those requirements affects how firms save and store certain oral communications, including calls and texts from mobile devices.The technology companies that store and save oral recordings have very different ways or reminding Wall Street of these new requirements.

The mother of all private equity buyouts?

The conventional wisdom holds that the heyday of private equity has passed, hence the many moves by the industry to diversify its revenue streams. But at some point, the old-fashioned leveraged...

Maker-taker pricing stokes controversy still

There are a lot of market structure issues up in the air at the moment, awaiting regulatory action. A great example: Maker-taker pricing by the top exchanges, which has drawn lots of attention. NYSE...

Clouds rising

A recent study on cloud usage in the investment management industry found that not only are cloud adoption rates rising, but so are satisfaction levels. Of 101 senior-level investment management executives surveyed, 87 percent said they are using cloud services and 90 percent of those users said that their chosen cloud model meets or exceeds expectations.

Jamie Dimon's strongest argument

The chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase has made clear that his bank has been unfairly targeted in many mortgage enforcement actions because the alleged bad behavior occurred not at JPMorgan Chase...

Ethics culture starts at the top

So what is the key determinant of strong corporate compliance? A recent essay in Compliance Week raises lots of interesting points about what constitutes good compliance, including IT compliance. One...

Separating facts from myth in asset management

It has been approximately six years since the financial crisis of 2007, and assets under management in the fund management space have now returned to their pre-crisis levels. So does that mean the industry is back to where it was? Do comparable AUMs translate into comparable levels of profitability?