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Ethics culture starts at the top

So what is the key determinant of strong corporate compliance? A recent essay in Compliance Week raises lots of interesting points about what constitutes good compliance, including IT compliance. One...

Separating facts from myth in asset management

It has been approximately six years since the financial crisis of 2007, and assets under management in the fund management space have now returned to their pre-crisis levels. So does that mean the industry is back to where it was? Do comparable AUMs translate into comparable levels of profitability?

How will Abigail Johnson restore Fidelity's luster?

Abigail Johnson has found herself in the unenviable position of having to turn around a once-proud mutual fund company. Her task is complicated by the fact that the big stumble took place while her...

Wall Street okay with dark pool reporting rule

Not too long ago, an industry spat pitting the NYSE against one of the largest broker-run dark pools led to an unfortunate situation: the biggest active dark pool in the U.S. market, Credit...

Electronic bond trading in the low dealer inventory era

The number of announcements about electronic bond trading marketplaces launching, relauching, expanding, or trying to launch can sometimes seem too numerous to track. Yet these announcements come at a time when many are scratching their heads about the bond market.

Private equity diversification: possible conflicts

It's no secret that traditional private equity firms have been hell-bent on diversifying over the last few years -- with good reason. At this point, even referring to the likes of Blackstone and KKR as private equity companies seems a little off. Alternative asset manager may be more accurate, though it lacks pizazz.

Former NYSE CEO: dark pools should be closed

The market structure debate has been vexing for many, none more so than the traditional exchanges, notably the NYSE and Nasdaq. They of course have seen their market share wither in the face of broker-owned dark pools, the very brokers that are regulated by the exchange SROs. A frustrating status quo indeed.

Data clean up in the back office

Reference data is not the most exciting topic of conversation, but for many firms, it is one of their biggest back office headaches. Firms across the industry struggle with data inconsistency and the inability of system to share data seamlessly.

Board must ponder Dimon's tenure at JPMorgan

A more entertaining look at the issue comes from Breakingviews, which published a mock memo from the bank's lead independent director to the two newest members of the board. 

Massive data scientist shortage looms

A lack of financial IT talent has long been an issue in the financial services industry, which has high standards. The latest concern: data scientists.  At this year's SIBOS, this emerged as a big theme. Speakers "repeatedly mentioned that finding workers with big data skills was difficult and that finding data scientists — quants who can manipulate vast amounts of data — was even harder," noted Wall Street & Technology.