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The Cost of Doing Nothing: Why haven't you switched to cloud accounting?

Whitepaper | Presented by:

We outlined the top 6 excuses finance depts make on why they haven't made the move to cloud accounting and what the costs will be if they don't. Is your's included? Don't make the biggest mistake of all - doing nothing! Download the ebook now!

Top 10 Accounting Practices Heading the Way of the Dinosaur

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For finance, there are certain accounting practices better left in the past (e.g. think about the abacus or adding machines!). But today it's not that obvious. We compiled the Top 10 Accounting Practices Heading the Way of the Dinosaur to help you avoid the many risks they present to your business. Download the ebook now!

We Broke QuickBooks! Top 7 Reasons Companies Outgrow QuickBooks

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Download this ebook and discover the top reasons why companies outgrow QuickBooks and why integrating your accounting solution with Salesforce CRM can make your company more agile. Download the ebook now!

Cloud Accounting Evaluation Guide

Whitepaper | Presented by:

Accounting software has been around for decades. Yet the foundation of these products hasn't changed much, until now. Cloud-based applications have hit the scene and organizations are moving fast to adopt. Why? Because cloud applications deliver higher return on investment, real-time, multi-dimensional financial analysis, and a slew of other benefits, from mobile access to enterprise collaboration. Download the ebook now!

The Democratization of Data

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Infor

The democratization of data is the process of expanding business information and the tools to analyze it out to a much broader audience than traditionally has had access. Evolving and complex technology landscapes compounded these limitations, as disconnected systems made it more difficult to get a unified view of the business. Many companies still struggle to get a single version of the truth across all areas of the enterprise. Learn more!

Why Smart CFOs are Moving to the Cloud

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Infor

Change - your friend or your enemy? Change is inevitable, and often provides an opportunity for growth, but it's how you embrace it that makes all the difference. Make change your friend by embracing the real power of cloud technology. Spend less time and money managing IT, and more time focused on growing your business. To learn more, download today.