Capital Gold Group - Sponsors 'IRA GOLD SEP-IRA Tax Strategies Plans'


LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Capital Gold Group sponsored the "IRA GOLD SEP-IRA" segment of the conference "Tax Strategies and The AICPA National Conference on Employee Benefit Plans" in New Orleans, Louisiana. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is an organization for financial planners and CPA professionals. The annual conference is dedicated to tax planning, government regulations and investment products for employee benefit programs.

"SEP-GOLD IRA" plans are SEP-IRA accounts backed by physical gold, and the Capital Gold Group offered all companies at the conference with qualified employees a unique SEP-IRA Employee Benefit Plan. The "tax-advantaged" SEP IRA GOLD retirement account program is a "simplified employee pension" which holds tangible, physical gold assets. The custodian of the gold IRA facilitates the opening of the account and coordinates the storage of the physical gold assets for the employee. The SEP IRA depository is licensed by NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT.

For tax planning and employee benefit plans, the goals of wealth preservation and positive employee morale are critical goals. AICPA financial professionals can offer "physical gold" to qualified employees as a hedge against inflation, market volatility and a shrinking U.S. Dollar. Since 2001 high-net worth investors have been flocking to physical gold as part of an overall asset allocation strategy. Tax strategy experts are recommending Gold SEP IRA plans for portfolio diversification and wealth preservation.

Physical gold is the "the missing link" in most portfolios today, according to Jonathan Rose, CEO of the Capital Gold Group. Jonathan Rose is a recognized speaker and commentator for worldwide gold markets, including the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, India, and Europe. Capital Gold Group, Inc. has main offices in Los Angeles and London.

SOURCE Capital Gold Group