Lower Eastside Action Plan (LEAP) and Hantz Woodlands Form Community Agreement for Job Creation, Sustainable Development and Partnerships With Existing Food Security Organizations


Agreement to be Signed at 11 a.m. Friday, Dec. 7th Event at the Northeast Guidance Center in Detroit

DETROIT, Mich., Dec. 6 -- The Lower Eastside Action Plan (LEAP) and Hantz Woodlands will announce an agreement that would create a firm structure for open dialogue, job opportunities and sustainable development for LEAP and other partners serving in the eastside city areas where Hantz Woodlands is seeking to develop. The agreement was developed through discussion with community residents, LEAP and other community nonprofits serving in the lower eastside district, and establishes commitments between the organizations and Hantz Woodlands around development of the Hantz project zone.  Included in the agreement are provisions to establish a community advisory group that would advise Hantz Woodlands and assist in recruiting residents for jobs that would provide preferential hiring for local residents, as well as reasonable salaries, benefits and qualifications. The agreement also establishes commitments for the minimization or elimination of pollution, pesticides, truck traffic or noise; and a requirement that Hantz Woodlands offer fair market value to purchase property from existing property owners and cooperative work with property owners who opt not to move.



Media event to announce the signing of an agreement between Hantz Woodlands, LEAP and other community nonprofits and organizations.


11 A.M. Friday, December 7th


Mike Score, President, Hantz Woodlands

Khalil Ligon, Director, Lower Eastside Action Project (LEAP)

Joan Moss, Executive Director, Church of the Messiah Housing Corporation

Sr. Cathey DeSantis, Executive Director, Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance

Eunice Peek, Executive Director, Fellowship Nonprofit Housing

Jeanine Hatcher, Executive Director, Genesis HOPE Community Development Corporation

Rev. Patrick Gahagen, Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church

Josh Elling, Executive Director, Jefferson East Business Association

Brian Hurttienne, Executive Director, The Villages Community Development Corporation

Maggie DeSantis, President, Warren/Conner Development Corporation


Northeast Guidance Center

2900 Conner

Detroit, MI 48215

Detroit City Council is scheduled to vote on whether Hantz Woodlands can proceed on Dec. 11th, following a Dec. 10th public hearing.

About Hantz Woodlands: The mission of Hantz Woodlands is to help contribute to more livable Detroit neighborhoods. Our work compliments hundreds of other initiatives in Detroit. Our proposal will provide the city with a cash payment for surplus property, strengthen the city's tax base, reduce city operating expenses and establish cleaner and safer neighborhoods within our proposed development zone. For more information, visit www.hantzfarmsdetroit.com.

News Media Contacts: 
For LEAP Community Partners:
Khalil Ligon, Director
Lower Eastside Action Plan (LEAP)

For Hantz Woodlands: 
Tina Bassett, President
Bassett & Bassett, Incorporated

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