2013: Regulation and technology biggest themes for foreign exchange

Social trading, HFT and others are set to grow

The outlook for 2013 looks rosier and the global economy will finally strengthen thanks to 2012's global liquidity injections, according to Dean Popplewell, chief currency strategist at OANDA, the forex services firm.

He adds that technology innovations are set to grow in 2013 especially surrounding social trading, affordable high speed trading and platform-agnostic trading.

Popplewell warned that key events will impact in particular the foreign exchange market.

"With traditional asset classes continuing to disappoint investors, there is an opportunity for forex spot trading to grow as a viable investment alternative. Trust in forex brokers depends on regulatory oversight as it gives clients the confidence to deposit their funds," he said.

This is based on the trend that regulators around the world are moving towards regulation of the forex market that validates the asset class and makes it available for a larger number of investors.

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