Bank embrace virtual environment as continuity tool


Virtualization remains a big trend in the financial services industry.

The term has been crowded out to a small degree by other buzzwords, such as Big Data and mobility. But more banks are stepping up their virtualization efforts, as the economics increasingly make sense. One area ripe for virtualization that has received a bit more attention in the wake of Sandy is business continuity plans.

For many, it's a natural step to view virtualization as part of this effort. Bank Systems & Technology notes the efforts of Woodforest National Bank in Texas.

"The bank's data center is almost 100% virtualized. Virtualization, in and of itself, wasn't the goal; rather, the bank recognized the benefits of virtualizing for disaster mitigation, especially after Hurricane Ike in 2008," the article noted.

The bank "envisioned a twice-a-year migration between data centers, and the bank has achieved that vision. At the beginning of every hurricane season, Woodforest's virtualization efforts let it completely fail over to its colocation facility and operate from there until the end of the hurricane season."

Similarly, the bank aims to virtualize other massive applications.  The key going forward at many institutions will be to harmonize virtualization plans with their larger cloud computing plans. 

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