The best consumer anti-virus softwares


Banks are in a tough position on security.

The illegal pathway to a bank account often involves some sort of malware that infects the computer of a bank's customer. The bank becomes held hostage to the security processes of individuals, some of whom don't pay much attention to cyber security. If money is illegally drained form a consumer account, the bank is liable.

So consumer anti-virus software is of critical importance to banks. The better the software works, the less vulnerable banks will be to online crime. So which software works best?

BTN notes that a test by AV Comparatives, which rated Bitdefender and Kapersky Lab's as tops in the business. It highlighted software from Avast, Avira, BullGuard, Eset, F-Secure and G Data as quality as well.

But the problem is that as a group, anti-virus software is somewhat suspect.

Imperva recently conducted "an assessment of 40 antivirus products and concluded that by and large they don't work well….. (it) used 80 malware samples to test the effectiveness of these products and found that the initial detection rate for a newly created virus is less than 5%. These tests also found that some antivirus vendors take up to four weeks to detect a new virus from the time of an initial scan."

It's clear that banks need to step up their game when it comes to educating customers about malware and home computer protection.

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