Bigging up big data: Why the hype is about to stop


Any new technology follows a familiar path in the IT sector's mindset. First, it's brand new, has a catchy name and then it needs to be explained, Next come the debates about how it can help your firm or even if it's ready for prime time. Risks are weighed, backsides are covered and if approved, it's deployed in a small, safe corner of the enterprise.

Right now, the debate around Big Data and its role inside banks and trading firms are all the rage. But market analysis firm Gartner says the hype around Big Data has reached its peak and it's likely to plunge into the 'trough of disillusionment.'

Take it away, ZDNet:

"According to Gartner's hype cycle model technologies reach a point where they are completely overhyped, after which users become disillusioned, only later to actually find a realistic business use for the technology. The peak of inflated expectations was reached some time ago," said Gartner research director Svetlana Sicular in blog post on Tuesday. As an analyst, I see that big data starts falling off this peak and at the end of the peak, negative press and adopter complaints begin."

ZdNet cites Hadoop, a Big Data tool that is losing interest among its userbase, with some calling it "primitive and old-fashioned".

"They are disappointed with a difficulty of figuring out reliable solutions," Sicular tells ZDNet, adding that difficulties increase when organisations try to work on new ideas and link unstructured data sources.

This could be very good news for Big Data,. Once the hype subsides and the marketing chatter dims, CIOs and their CTOs can look at it with clear eyes and a sober mindset. Vendors will have to offer real solutions and not pie in the sky promises.

Meanwhile, jobs in the Big Data sector appear to hot. Software publisher SAS and IT skills council E-skills claim that a demand for big data know-how will grow by 18 percent every year until 2017.

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