Blackstone embraces BYOD


Blackstone stands as a great example of how consumerization is driving IT trends in the enterprise. The private equity firm recently saw the writing on the wall. Everyone had an iPad, and unsurprisingly, they wanted to use those tablets at work and for work. There was no holding back that train.

So it did what many other companies are doing. It made peace with trend and found ways to make sure that employees could work on their iPads in a secure environment, which must be music to Apple's ears. Among the 1,800 Blackstone employees in 24 offices worldwide, according to CSO, about 600 privately owned iPads have been authorized for work. That number will undoubtedly rise.

All the work to make ready the enterprise for tablets should not be seen strictly as an added cost. As Bill Murphy, CTO at Blackstone, explained to the magazine: "Productivity was a primary reason. People have been carrying some form of email device in our industry for some time. While folks have been able to do more outside of work with a smartphone, I don't know how many work-related tasks they are able to complete other than checking email on their phone."

So if you can secure the environment, BYOD ends up being a win for all involved, as employees are happier and more productive.

One side note: Murphy admits that this policy is really a BYOAD policy, as they are only authorizing Apple products right now. He says he considered Android and Windows tablets but has not yet seen a compelling reason to support them. But in the future, if the tablet presence gets a little more diverse, companies will have to think about BYOD more broadly and it could all get a little confusing, barring enterprise tools that can secure an all-inclusive environment.   

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