Fake Bank of America press release


Every now and then, anti-corporate activists issue fake press releases to further their cause.

Not too long ago, activists issued a fake GE press release that "announced" the company would repay a $3.2 billion tax refund. Yeah, right! To its subsequent chagrin, the AP took the fake release at face value and published an article based on it. So far, no journalist organization has been duped by the fake Bank of America release that has been circulating.

Deal Journal calls the fake "quite realistic" in its detailed rendering of the logo and use of the bank's normal font. The fake release announces a new marketing campaign -- "Your Bank of America"---in a bid to find out what banking today should be about and to enlist America's help. It directs people to a web site, yourbofa.com, which features a fake letter from CEO Brian Moynihan: "Today, it's time to acknowledge that our Bank isn't working anymore."

The site "features several pages that carry on the typical arguments against BofA, and while there doesn't appear to be anyone taking credit yet, it bears all the hallmarks of the recent Occupy protests against the bank. The site appears to take issue with BofA for 'funding coal' and for not paying taxes in 2010, a year it lost money. There are also several snide remarks about mortgages."

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