Few technologists promoted to MD at Goldman Sachs


Becoming a managing director is a stepping stone to becoming a partner at Goldman Sachs.

It's certainly cause for celebration, as it signals to the world that you're a comer at a big time company. This year, Goldman Sachs named 266 new managing directors. However, only eight of them (just 3 percent) were technologists, according to eFinancialCareers.

In one view, the argument could be made that 3 percent is low, when "you consider that 25 percent of the total headcount at Goldman is in technology."

But at the same time, most banks divide their workforce into two main groups: Revenue producing and support. At Goldman Sachs, and elsewhere, the key determinant of whether you are worthy of MD status is the amount of revenue you bring in. Clearly, the IT shop is a support group, but there will always be room for a lucky few support executives to ascend all the way to partner. It's eminently possibly for a chief information officer to make it. Given the essential role that technology plays in any investment bank, we may see Goldman Sachs choose to reward more pure IT types.

eFinancialCareers notes the 2012 MDs: Angelo Curreli, based in New York as an IT manager; Hari Moorthy, a technology fellow and chief technology officer for risk management in New York; Grant Richard, who works in technology infrastructure; Gunjan Samtani, head of banking technology, Asia Pacific and Bangalore; Laura Takacs, a technology professional based in New York; Robert Tankoos, a 13-year Goldman veteran based in Hong Kong; Martin Walsh, who has worked in equities order management systems in New York;  and Chris Wells, global head of interest rate products technology in London.

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