Financial advisor a great job to have


"Financial advisor" has been judged the sixth best job to have in 2012, according to CNNMoney's  annual list of Best Jobs in America.

"What makes it great? Advisers help clients achieve financial success, which feels pretty warm and fuzzy. And they can hang a shingle for themselves, work as part of a larger firm or even work virtually if their clients are comfortable with it. What's the catch? In an up market, financial advisers can be heroes. In a down market, they can be scapegoats. Handling someone else's life savings can be daunting, especially when things are headed south," the article noted.

The median pay is $90,200, and you can make a lot more than that if you excel. I'm not willing to go out on a limb and declare financial advisors heroes right, but it's fair to say that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity whenever financial uncertainty reigns, as it does now.

I've suggested before that people are worried and confused about their financial futures. Many have pulled out of the market for stocks. Advice is a valuable thing at a time like this, as long as it comes from a trusted source. People will be willing to pay for it.

All that said, the real payoff in this job comes after a career of careful client cultivation. No one gets rich quick in this business.

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