Financial execs dot Fortune 40 under 40 list


So who made the Fortune 40 under 40 list? This year's list of business stars who have yet to turn 40 years old is top heavy with technology executives--the likes of Marc Andreesen, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. But there were plenty of financial services industry folks on the list, despite the rough times. Hedge funds executives seemed to fare the best.

The highest ranking financial executive was Centaurus Advisors' John Arnold, 36, "the Houston-based energy trader who easily wins the award for the most successful second act by an Enron employee," according to the New York Times. At No. 11 was Greg Jensen, 36, of Bridgewater Associates.

No. 17, Saba Boaz Weinstein, a "star derivatives trader (and chess master), lost a bunch of money for (Deutsche Bank) but has rebounded by forming a $1.5 billion hedge fund," notes the Times. One private equity fund employee made the list. Adam Palmer, 37, of the Carlyle Group, came in at No. 35. He is thought to be a candidate to run the firm in the future. He made partner at age 32.

You have to take these lists with a grain of salt. They might make for good resume fodder in some cases, but you do not want to be seen as taking it too seriously. More than anything, its an advertising vehicle.

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