Four cloud computing resolutions for 2013

Cloud practices need a refresh in 2013

It's a new year and that means it's the perfect time to reflect on your IT practices and how you can work smarter and more effectively. Infoworld gives two good resolutions pertaining to your investment firm's cloud:

Resolution 1: I resolve not to "cloud-wash."

2012 was another year of cloud everything. Virtually all products had some cloud spin, no matter what it was or the type of problem it solved. The truth is that cloud computing should be a specific type of technology that includes attributes such as on-demand, self-provisioned, elastic, and metered by use. By calling everything "cloud," the vendors look silly -- and they sow confusion.

Resolution 2: I resolve not to use cloud computing for everything.

Many IT pros try to put cloud computing square pegs into enterprise round holes. Cloud computing is not a fit in all instances, considering the cost and complexity it can bring. Do your homework -- this means understanding the needs of the business and the problem you're looking to solve. Moreover, make sure there's a clear business case for the cloud.

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