Free webinar to explore Big Data challenges


The explosion of data in the banking industry has been nothing short of quantum.

Data, both structured and unstructured, have become the lifeblood of all banks, and that is leading to fundamental rethink of basic data processes. Many think we stand at the verge of a new era. The volume of data created has more than doubled every two years, according to IDC.

In 2011 alone, companies collectively generated nearly 2 trillion gigabytes of data! And nearly 80 percent of that was housed at some point in a corporate system. Most banks realize that there’s gold in that data. They just aren’t quite sure yet how to extract it.

All can agree, however, that traditional data tools and the standard relational database (which was invented back in 1970) may not be up to the challenge indefinitely. And that’s where Big Data comes in, holding out the promise of new ways to store and analyze data toward mission-critical goals---strategy, compliance, risk management, customer service, IT analytics and on and on.

Increasingly, banks are waking up to the need, which has made Big Data much more than a fad buzz word. Join us and a panel of experts for a webinar, where will learn learn more about this trend and how to adapt. Register Now!

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