Glitches now under control at NYSE


Given a string of recent software snafus, the market remains hyper-sensitive about glitches. But it seems to have weathered the glitch-storm that hit the NYSE earlier this week. "The problems began just after the start of trading on Monday as the exchange operator attempted to migrate the 216 stocks to new servers as part of an upgrade to its systems. Shortly after, exchanges run by BATS Global Markets and Nasdaq declared self-help against the Big Board, indicating to traders that an error had occurred at NYSE and that orders would be routed away from the exchange. The exchanges revoked the self-help status in the afternoon," the Financial Times reports, "A panicked day of alerts sent out by the exchange, which is owned by NYSE Euronext, to traders was capped off by a message in the late afternoon that blamed the outage on one of its order matching engines, which execute trades electronically." Article