Goldman Sachs CEO not going anywhere


For years now, people have been speculating about when Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein would step down. Recently, I've suggested that the conditions were ripe for a transition.

The bank was in decent shape, the stock price was up, the bank was no longer synonymous with financial evil, the main government prosecutions are in the past, the idea that Blankfein himself would be charged with a crime had been put to bed. All that meant that he could transition without an asterisk by his name. No one would say he had been pushed by circumstance. He could've left on his own terms.

All the public, statesman-esque speaking he had been doing recently suggested that he was indeed angling for some sort of public service position, like his predecessors. But alas it wasn't to be.

Blanfein told Bloomberg Television that, "The combination of this being who I am and what I do and having absolutely no other interests makes me think this is what I'll be doing for a while. He added, that while he would "love to be wanted" for such a role such as Treasury Secretary, "that seems like such a distant hypothetical."

Having Blankfein stick around as CEO is certainly not a bad thing. But you do get the feeling that he would've jumped at the right opportunity. He may still be looking.

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