Goldman Sachs partner's humble roots


The holiday season is the perfect time for a heartwarming story about a woman who has done well on Wall Street.

CNBC reports that one newly minted Goldman Sachs partner works as a waitress in a pub that her father owns on the Upper East Side.

"Una Neary, tapped yesterday to become one of the newest partners at Goldman Sachs, is not one of the best-known executives at that storied investment bank. But there is one place in New York City where everybody knows her name—the Upper East Side high-end Irish pub named Neary's."

Her father opened the joint in 1967, and Una worked there as she grew up.

"Neary joined the Federal Reserve Bank of New York just after graduation from Manhattanville College in July 1990 as an assistant bank examiner in the domestic banking department. At age 29, she became the youngest bank examiner in the country. In June 2000, she was appointed an officer of the bank assigned to the relationship management function…In 2004 she was promoted to vice president of credit risk in the NY Fed's bank supervision group. In 2009, she joined Goldman Sachs.

"Many customers at Neary's over the years probably had no idea that the tall, blond woman who greeted them at the door was a moonlighting bank examiner and, later, a managing director at Goldman. She's known for having a friendly and warm manner. She's quick with a good joke and has an easy laugh."

The kicker is that she still helps out her dad at the bar on weekends. The Goldman Sachs PR team deserves a star for this one. -Jim


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