Harvard students protest Goldman Sachs


We're seeing more Occupy-like protests crop up Ivy League schools, the traditional feeding firms for top Wall Street institutions.

Students at Columbia and Yale have previously attracted attention for their efforts. Harvard has become the latest. The Crimson reports that "Occupy Harvard went head-to-head with Wall Street on Monday when protesters attempted to interrupt a Goldman Sachs recruiting event hosted by the Office of Career Services. Nearly three weeks after protesters descended upon Harvard Yard to set up the Occupy Harvard camp, the group joined forces with Occupy Boston and other local students in a ‘Rally to Defend Freedom of Speech' on Monday afternoon, which eventually led to a confrontation with OCS."

You have to wonder if the Wall Street bloom is off the rose for young people today. In previous years, of course, young graduates flocked in droves to Wall Street in hopes of making it big quickly. Many did. My guess is that little will change in the long-term. Some of the people now protesting may eventually work on Wall Street someday.

With that said, some would like to think we are at some kind of generational turning point. There was once a day when the best and brightest wanted to be doctors, then lawyers, then dotcom entrepreneurs. Over the past decade, Wall Street has held the strongest lure. I can't see that changing given the cringing levels of debt that students graduate with. In the end, it tends to be about the money, which is quintessentially American to be sure.

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