How to get fired from an investment bank


Given all the bad press that banks have to endure, you can bet that the top executives will be a lot less tolerant of employees acting badly in public, especially when they are caught on camera.

Deal Journal notes that sad case of Olivier Desbarres, the now former head of FX strategy for Asia Pacific excluding Japan at Barclays. Turns out he was caught on videotape throwing quite a tantrum, "an expletive-laced tirade at a construction site adjacent to his home…In the clip, Desbarres is shown clad in polo shirt and sandals. He threatens workers at the site, lambasting them as "animals, Chinese [expletive] animals." 

He also shouted: "I'm going to go after you. I'm going to burn your [expletive] house down with your [expletive] people in it. I will find your [expletive] family. I can find it very easily, I am a man with resources." He then is shown hurling a sheet of metal into a pit. Construction workers standing out of range on the opposite side of the pit filmed the outburst.

Unison Construction, the firm whose workers were threatened, filed a police report after the incident. The Singapore Police Force is reportedly investigating. A former colleague confirmed to Deal Journal that "the banker was shown the door after Barclays executives viewed the clip."

In this day and age, it really is safe to assume that over-the-top public behavior will be caught on video. Better to play it safe for the sake of your job.

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