IDC Report: 1.7M cloud computing jobs remain unfilled


In 1865, author Horace Greeley had a simple piece of advice in the days of Manifest Destiny: "Go west, young man," he encouraged. If Greeley were writing today, he'd advise, "Soar to the clouds, young geeks."

According to a recent report from IDC, the cloud is where young technologist are sorely needed. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs related to cloud computing were remained unfilled worldwide.

IDC's report "Climate Change: Cloud's Impact on IT Organizations and Staffing" - which was sponsored by Microsoft - reported that the demand for cloud-savvy IT professionals will grow by 26 percent annually until 2015 and will create more than seven million cloud-related vacancies worldwide.

As Cloud Times reports, "this gap in skills is even more alarming as almost two-thirds of global firms are planning to implement or use cloud technology and more than 50 percent of companies agree that the cloud is a priority."

And these jobs are not just in Silicon Valley. The Asia Pacific region should see the largest growth (32 percent per year) resulting in more than 2.3 million cloud-focused jobs by the end of 2015. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, IDC estimates a growth of 24 percent annually to roughly 1.4 million cloud-related IT jobs by 2015.

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