Iran orchestrates online attacks


The cyber attacks on U.S. banks late last year started out as a headline-grabbing news event. Bas the attack wore on, the intensity of the coverage dropped off.

You might be forgiven for eventually concluding that the attack was a hum-drum denial of service attempt, perhaps the work of Wall Street protestors. But U.S. officials are convinced that Iran is responsible for the prolonged attack.

The New York Times reports that, "there was something disturbingly different about the wave of online attacks on American banks in recent weeks. Security researchers say that instead of exploiting individual computers, the attackers engineered networks of computers in data centers, transforming the online equivalent of a few yapping Chihuahuas into a pack of fire-breathing Godzillas. The skill required to carry out attacks on this scale has convinced United States government officials and security researchers" that they were the work of a government entity, most likely Iran.

The technical term for such an attack is advanced persistent threat, which I discuss often over on FierceFinanceIT.  The evidence right now is more anecdotal than technical, but the skill level suggests something other than a bunch of amateurs. What this signifies is that the cyber wars are heating up dramatically. It's a testament to the banks that no accounts were compromised.

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