Jamie Dimon is 2012's biggest loser


There are winners and losers in every year, and 2012 was no different.

The biggest loser of all in 2012, according to Deal Journal, was Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Dimon is not a man accustomed to the loser's circle, but it would be hard to paint 2012 as anything but a down year for him.

"Dimon was once 'America's Least Hated Banker,' his name was bandied about as a possible Treasury secretary for President Barack Obama, and he was the unquestioned leader of Wall Street. In 2012, Dimon's reputation, if not dented, took a few dings. Two appearances before congress saw him beat back criticism, but the damage to Wall Street's fight against regulations was done because their standard bearer was wounded. The bank halted share repurchases and Dimon changed several top lieutenants, losing a few longtime allies."

While he has taken some punches, the biggest loser award in 2012 will likely pave the way for him to emerge as one of the big winners of 2013. Already, he seems to have put the London Whale and other episodes behind him. It would be hard to argue that his influence has been permanently diminished. Frankly, he seems little changed, as evidence by some of his language with the press.

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