More on the gender glass ceiling in financial services


A new poll by Financial News has found that the private equity industry may be the toughest place for a woman to succeed. The poll showed that 75 percent of the women survey agreed that their gender has made it more difficult for them to succeed. Overall, 64 percent said their gender made it harder for them to succeed; 66 percent said it was "possible but difficult" to raise a family and have a career in the securities industry. Just 12.5 percent said it was "entirely possible." So what is really going on? I think a new realism has settled in. It used to be that women were told they "can have it all." Then the standard morphed into "you can have it all and if you don't try, you're crap." Now it's clear that "having it all" can exact a horrible price--unless you've got the right husband at home. Even then, good luck.  

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