A motherboard tailored to financial services


The power of open source has not been lost on financial services companies, as evidenced by the success of Linux and the fast-start spread of Hadoop in the industry.

Most open source initiatives are aimed at software. But AMD and the Open Compute Project are aiming at hardware, specifically the motherboard. Their goal is to come up with a motherboard specification that will be tailored tightly to financial services companies.

One official told Wall Street & Technology that, "The specs are available to anybody and anyone can use it. This specification is a huge win for lowering technology costs…Financial services has a variety of needs. They need high performance computing for systems that are speed sensitive, such as simulations. There are also varying needs for storage."

Anything that requires AMD microprocessors would be a win for the company. An open source initiative may well prove to be a great way to stoke demand. There would appear to be some industry buy-in already. Fidelity and Goldman Sachs are evaluating the standard, and a managing director of the technology division of Goldman Sachs is on the board for the Open Compute Project. But we're a long way from critical mass.

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