Ohio upgrades ATMs for digital deposits


How long does it take to upgrade 1,100 ATMs in Ohio? If you answered "18 months," you are the winner.

The State Employee Credit Union (SECU) is upgrading its fleet of ATMs across the state to allow for its members to perform digital deposits instead of the old cash-or-check-in-an-envelope method. The ATM upgrade will be done by Diebold, which is based in Canton, Ohio.

Digital banking is no longer for major financial centers and emerging markets where IT infrastructure is scarce. Middle America expects to bank via digital deposits as well as via their smartphones and mobile apps.

An SECU spokeswoman says one of the key aims of the upgrade will be to enable ATM users to make deposits at a majority of the sites. SECU ATMs are located in 248 credit union branch offices and at standalone locations throughout the state.

"That current footprint is not expected to go through any major reconfigurations in conjunction with the upgrade," reports a local business journal.

SECU is the nation's second largest credit union with 1.8 million members.

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