Project Blitzkrieg to ravage banks in 2013


If you're a smart thief, you're going to go where the money is.

For banks, this reality will hit home next year, as cyber thieves step up their attacks. The criminals are much less interested in making political statements than in draining accounts. McAfee reports in a new study that the risks of a major sustained attack in 2013 are incredibly high. The attack, dubbed Project Blitzkrieg, will rely on software that is now dormant but will activate next year when the attack commences, perhaps in the Spring sometime. Roughly 30 banks and brokerages are said to be targets.

Information about the forthcoming cyber attack was discovered in September by the Internet security firm RSA. It was unclear at the time if an actual attack was planned. McAfee researchers have been researching the issue ever since and are now convinced that "Project Blitzkrieg is a credible threat to the financial industry and appears to be moving forward as planned. Not only did we find evidence validating the existence of an early pilot campaign operated by (criminal group) vorVzakone and his group using the Trojan Prinimalka that infected at a minimum 300 to 500 victims across the United States."

Those infected 300-500 devices will likely figure in the attack. But what can banks do about it? It's possible that the publicity will prompt the criminal group to call off the attack, but at some point, they'll likely try again. Banks need to be on high alert, and aggressively coordinate with law enforcement officials.

It stands to reason that more cyber gangs will attempt attacks on banks, stepping up their game to contend with bank's security defenses. Cyberwarfare is in a permanent condition of ever escalating stakes.  

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