Retail trading software sees big advances


New retail trading software has emerged in the shadows of institutional high-frequency trading, and it offers nearly just as powerful tools.

Some people will tell you that high-frequency trading for retail investors is real. Many such traders are former pros trading their own books and are extremely savvy. I raise this in light of a recent article in SFGate about the sort of tools that are emerging now for investors. The biggest development as of late is the rise of mobile applications, in some cases as complements to online tools. 

This is not really high-frequency trading as it is commonly known. Rather, it's a form of more technology-greased retail trading. According to Corporate Insight, 12 out of 19 brokerage firms have released a trading application.

"One of the most popular is the MetaTrader4 mobile app, which can be accessed through the iPhone and handheld Android devices…The MetaTrader4 application offers traders an easy to use interface, while also delivering real-time quotations and a range of detailed charts. Perhaps even more significant than this, however, the application also offers users access to a full and comprehensive trading history, which means that they can analyze specific financial instruments and their performances over a sustained period of time. This can be an invaluable tool for serious investors, especially those who are interested in securing long-term gains." 

The day is not far off when retail investors will truly have all the advantages of professionals.

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