Study: Banks must adapt to Hispanics' mobile banking needs


Politicians aren't the only ones courting Hispanics. Today's banks are wooing this potentially rich clientele as well. A new study says that banks must step up their mobile banking game if they want to be successful.

A new report entitled "The Hispanic Mobile Banking Trends Study" found that 69 percent of Hispanics use their smartphone for mobile banking and 49 percent use a tablet for mobile banking. Further, one-third of respondents said they would switch their primary banks to obtain mobile services, and more than one-third of current mobile banking users said they use mobile banking at least once per day.

The study was conducted by Zpryme Research and Consulting, an Austin-based research advisory firm, and ThinkNow Research, a Hispanic consumer research firm based in California.

So, Mr. CIO and Ms. CTO: What's your mobile banking strategy for the remainder of the year?

Maybe those 20-something IT staffers you just hired would like to break free from maintaining servers older than they are and build something new. Inspire them by giving them a few iPads and say, "Impress me."

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