Synergies between branch, Net and mobile channels


Not too long ago, the rise of internet banking vexed many, leading to talk of whether Internet banking would impinge on branch-based banking.

Many assumed it would, though some came around to the view that synergies between the two channels could be developed. Now, we're experiencing the rise of mobile banking, and there's a discussion to be had about whether it should be considered distinct from the Internet channel.

A recent essay in Mobile Banker concludes that "mobile is not just Internet banking on the phone, so why treat it the same? Admittedly, with new channels, customer expectations have grown. However, deploying a coordinated channel strategy to create a cohesive customer experience does not mean all those channels will do the same thing. While the story of multichannel banking continues to evolve, platform parity is much more myth than reality. In the end, by pushing channel-specific innovation, all parties win."

The point is well made. The synergies between online and mobile banking may be less than compelling as of now, but you do have to wonder if there is grand set of features that could somehow combine all three consumer channels. If that feature set exists, the industry has yet to come up with it. But it seems so logical that a bank would want to market something that encompasses all. Why not think holistically, at least at the marketing level?

Perhaps there's some form of rewards program that can tap all three. This arena seems ripe for innovation.

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