Teach for America recruits would-be Wall Streeters


You have to feel at least wistful for the many young people who dreamed of a career on Wall Street, only to run into trouble landing a job.

The economy has been anything but accommodating. Indeed, the gravy train that previous graduates took for granted has stalled out.

But DealBook notes a silver lining, writing that, "In the last several years, hundreds of such would-be finance professionals and management consultants have taken their high-powered ambitions and spreadsheet modeling skills to the classroom. Teach for America, the 22-year-old nonprofit organization that recruits high-achieving college graduates to teach in some of the nation's poorest schools for two years, in particular has garnered renewed interest among the business-oriented set. Teach for America says that its 2012 class contained about 400 recent graduates with a major in business or economics. Of those with professional experience, about 175 worked in finance." 

You have to applaud those who open their eyes to other experiences while they are so young. I certainly hope many of these folks end up with the career on Wall Street if that is what they truly want and that perhaps they gain experience that may lead them down a whole different path. For some, the weak hiring market may well prove a long-term blessing in disguise.

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