U.S., U.K. show cloud adoption divide


People in the U.K. know more about cloud computing than us simple Americans, but where are those cloud IT projects taking place? The United States of America, baby.

A new survey of 1,000 American citizens found 31.8 percent claimed to have no understanding of the term "cloud" at all, and only 25 percent said they had a clear grasp of the topic. In terms of age groups, 25 to 34-year-old people performed best on this question, with 33.8 percent claiming to know what cloud computing is.

The poll was sponsored by from European cloud supplier Webfusion.

"It turns out we are much more cloud savvy than our American counterparts, despite the U.S. often being considered as technological innovators," said Thomas Vollrath, CEO of Webfusion's parent company, Host Europe Group.

According to Information Week, this divide was illustrated in a different study published by Redwood Software that found that while 35 percent of U.K. businesses are using the cloud for private data storage, compared to 58 percent of American companies. At the same time, only 41 percent of U.K. firms, but 81 percent of their U.S. counterparts, have considered a more integrated supply chain using the cloud.

InfoWeek writes:

Overall, U.S. IT professionals contacted are far more positive about using the cloud, citing its main benefits as: improved agility in supporting business needs (cited by 71%), faster ROI (57%) and reduced labor (45%). The equivalent rankings for British companies were markedly lower: 47%, 36% and 29% respectively.

Maybe we need even more cloud commercials during televised sporting events.

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