USAA aims to encompass key channels


I've discussed frequently the merits of banks trying to come up with a single, holistic platform that encompasses online banking, mobile banking and traditional branch banking.

That concept remains inchoate at the moment, but the idea is compelling in a theoretical sense. I raise the issue again in response to an interesting interview of Wayne Peacock, head of customer experience at USAA, with BS&T.

Peacock notes that the firm recently "brought together all of the services and sales teams for our different lines of business and the digital and mobile commerce teams and the marketing team to become one big integrated unit to deliver a great member experience."

The goal is in fact to come up with a more consistent, integrated approach.

"Technology is the great enabler for us. Today, over 90%-plus of interactions our members have with us are through digital means, and all of that is delivered through some kind of technology. Mobile is the channel of choice for our customers, but we also see them going to the online platform and contact centers. Technology enables us to serve them in all these channels. We use technology to mine data and analytics so that when they call us, we can understand better who they are and what they're calling about, and route them to the best representative to speak with."

It would appear that once again USAA is on the cutting edge. At some point, banks and thrifts will have to start thinking in like fashion about the many touch points that continue to evolve, with an eye on revenue generation.

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