Wells Fargo rolls out new 'personalized' ATMs


The days of your ATM asking if you'd like to conduct your banking in Spanish, French, Chinese or Japanese just might be over. Wells Fargo has started rolling out new ATMs that boast personalized screens based on your past transaction habits.

I'm assuming they'll remember our preferred language, for example.

The bank has deployed 500 of the new ATMs and more than 12,000 new machines will be in place by May. The bank claims it will be an entirely new ATM banking experience and Wells Fargo is "the first and only bank to offer this service to its customers."

The new ATM's bells and whistles include a screen layout with an immediate snapshot of account balances in one corner. A "cash tracker" allows customers to track monthly withdrawals and set withdrawal targets, among other features. 

"We redesigned our ATMs based on what customers tell us they want, and we're constantly striving to make our ATMs quicker, easier, and more convenient," says Alicia Moore, head of Wells Fargo ATM Banking, in a statement.

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