Will banks embrace Surface apps?


There was once a day when the operating systems wars were life-or-death matters for software vendors.

Back in the thick of the Windows vs. OS2 vs. Mac wars, it was prohibitively expensive to support all OS platforms, and frankly it was a relief to many when Windows emerged on top in a huge way. But when it comes to mobile phone operating systems, the stakes aren't nearly as high. It is not nearly as expensive to write apps for multiple platforms, which is why we'll likely see more financial technology firms support the Microsoft Surface OS, even as they move away from the BlackBerry OS.

BTN reports that,  "On the heels of Windows 8 officially hitting the market, financial services technology vendors have begun supporting Microsoft's (MSFT) overhauled operating system for laptops, desktops and tablets."

 Harland Financial Solutions has been readying a Windows 8 app for customers of its Cavion internet banking software, working with Microsoft "to rebuild its product to take advantage of the new touch-enabled, tile-based user interface of Windows 8, so that the app looks and acts just like the new operating system."

Meanwhile, Kony Solutions announced that its KonyOne Platform, which allows banks to quickly develop and deploy multi-channel apps, will support Windows 8. One issue here is when Surface apps for the industry in general will be developed. Banks and others may want to see some signs that it is taking off before making the move.

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