Zoe Cruz starting over -- again


It's not easy being the "most powerful woman on Wall Street."

Even after you leave the position that earned you the mythic title, you will always be in the public eye. And so it goes with Zoe Cruz, the former Morgan Stanley co-president who was terminated in the midst of the financial crisis by her mentor, then-CEO John Mack. Since then, she has struggled.

She tried gamely to establish a hedge fund, but she was forced to shutter Voras Capital earlier this year. Now, another personal setback has been revealed.

The New York Post reports that "Cruz is going through a divorce from her longtime partner and fellow financier, Credit Suisse honcho Ernesto Cruz, while she also tries to make her return to high finance."

The couple had "been married for more than three decades. They have three children, with the youngest still in high school. Cruz, a Greek immigrant (née Papadimitriou) who arrived in America when she was a teenager and methodically climbed the Wall Street ladder, was blind-sided by the divorce…" One source was quoted saying, "She never saw this coming."

It remains to be seen if this derails her attempt to make a comeback on Wall Street. Reportedly, she and Mack, with whom she has reconciled, are angling to get her a job with a top private equity company. I can only hope she picks up the pieces and gets on with her career. She is obviously a formidable executive.

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