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Latest Headlines

Most consumers bank by mobile phone but steer clear of mobile payments, study says

Americans are wedded to their cell phones, and nearly two-thirds have at least tried mobile banking. But comfort levels with mobile banking services vary by function, and while most are comfortable using smartphones to deposit checks, comfort levels with mobile wallets remain low, a Bank of America study shows.

Bank of America to staff branches with specialists via video conference

Bank of America is planning to use customer-facing videoconferencing to staff 500 branches with specialists that sell specific financial products. The videoconferencing rollout follows a two-year trial at 85 branches in which 10,000 customer interactions were conducted through videoconference.  

BofA's accounting error no small matter

An accounting error that could cost Bank of America's shareholders more dividends and buybacks leaves experts scratching their heads.

Investment banking jobs face downsizing rumors

As bond trading revenues continue to fall, some rumors about investment banking job cuts are beginning to swirl. Deutsche Bank reportedly plans to cut another 500 jobs in its investment bank in...

Deadline looming, banks negotiate extended XP support to finish ATM upgrades

With Microsoft scheduled to withdraw support for its XP operating system April 8, banks around the world are negotiating support extensions as they scramble to upgrade automated teller machines to Windows 7. Several banks are reportedly using the forced migration to modernize their ATMs, adding new capabilities such as reading chips instead of magnetic stripes.

Citigroup valuation draws attention

Since the financial crisis, the top banks have each taken a turn as the hot stock. Bank of America Corp. was perhaps the big winner over the last two years. Is it time for Citigroup Inc.'s time...

Bank of America ponders its mobile future

By dint of its sheer size and massive mobile investment, Bank of America Corp. has to be considered a must-watch consumer bank. Few other banks can boast that its customers are logging on to its...

Performance of mortgage crisis vendor brings new criticism to Bank of America

Here is a little-known tactic for dealing with irate mortgage customers: have the CEO outsource a customer complaint operation to a third party. That is precisely what Bank of America Corp. did as...

Bank of America pays to clean up crisis mess

Perhaps more than any other publication, ProPublica has feasted on the easy-to-criticize issues presented by the financial crisis. In particular, it was tough on the hedge fund Magnetar, which has...

JPMorgan tops in consumer service, Bank of America last

Big banks have all taken their turns as the poster child of anti-consumer bank practices, especially when it comes to media coverage. But not all banks have been made to suffer equally when it comes...