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Latest Headlines

A quick fix for inversions after all?

President Obama may have a tool at his disposal for stopping companies from shifting their tax residence from the U.S. to tax havens through acquisitions.

No quick fix seen for inversions

Despite the rising drumbeat against acquisitions that shift companies' tax domicile away from the U.S., no action is likely in an election year.

Final money fund rules may require changes in cash management

Floating asset values, "gates" and exit fees may alter the equation for short-term investments.

California court rules retailer needn't provide AEDs

Decision in Target case cites cost of making automated external defibrillators available.

More companies find themselves in SEC's financial reporting spotlight

The SEC's financial reporting and audit task force is gaining traction, according to a study by law firm Gibson Dunn.

Multinationals find some consolation on transfer pricing disputes

A survey by KPMG finds that most companies involved in transfer pricing hope an IRS "roadmap" for audits will speed the process.

2014 proxy season reveals latest shareholder concerns

Companies "must remain vigilant" on corporate governance issues such as executive pay and, increasingly, environmental and social proposals, tallies show.

Research gives companies a new legal defense during downturns

Share price volatility spikes during crises, making cause and effect difficult to prove, according to a new study.

What the end of accounting convergence means

Unless the U.S. and international accounting standards setters resume their convergence project, big differences will remain in the financial results that companies report to tax authorities and investors.

CFOs willing to resort to bribery and breaking accounting rules: survey

Many CFOs are willing to bribe foreign officials, and some would even engage in accounting fraud, under certain circumstances, a survey shows.