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Latest Headlines

Mike Mayo rates JPMorgan "underperform"

JPMorgan has quite a battle on its hand ahead of its annual shareholder meeting, where its embattled board and top executives will square off. To add a bit of fuel to the fire, analyst Mike Mayo, after meeting with the bank's CFO, has just weighed in with a report to clients that lumps JPMorgan in the "underperform" category.

Bove pulls account from Wells Fargo, but recommends stock

So who does a bank serve, its shareholders or its customers?

Warren Buffett invites stock analysts to annual meeting

For the first time, Berkshire Hathaway will invite stock analysts to its annual meeting, where they will be given the chance to pose questions for management.

Why Bank of America shut out analyst Mike Mayo

You have to give Crédit Agricole Securities Mike Mayo credit. He is not afraid to get tough with bank executives. He caused quite a stir when he went public with his dispute with Citigroup

Citigroup's dividend payout to lag other big banks

The Citigroup (NYSE: C) news about its reverse split and dividend has generated lots of interest, much of which concerns the reverse split. This cannot really be seen as a bullish sign, no more than

Goldman Sachs wins praise from top analyst

So which is the best run bank on Wall Street? The answer according to esteemed bank analyst Brad Hintz, who used to be CFO at Lehman Brothers back in the day, is Goldman Sachs. "It's derived from a

Citi analyst finally relents on Bank of America

One strategy for stock analysts might be to maintain a buy rating no matter what, in hopes that eventually the stock will recover. They'll be right sooner or later. But some recoveries take tortuous

Update: Citi execs to meet with analyst Mike Mayo

So it looks like Citigroup executives (NYSE: C) have come to their senses and decided to meet with bank stock analyst Mike Mayo (Mike Mayo news), who had been critical of the firm's treatment of

Citigroup takes aim at star analyst

Mike Mayo, a well-known name in the bank stock analyst world, has long been an bête noire at Citigroup (NYSE: C). The latest: The CLSA analyst has angered executives because of his view, which