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Latest Headlines

A new look at stock research industry structure

Much of the stock research industry is organized around industries. We have banking industry analysts, internet company analysts, and so on. But is this really the most logical organizational structure?

Industry personality: Meredith Whitney, unique on Wall Street

If you are going to successfully run an independent research shop, you have to find ways to differentiate yourself on Wall Street. You've got to raise brows however you can. For Meredith Whitney, that has never been hard. She has always drawn attention, often for reasons that have little to do with her work.

Bank analyst Mayo buys stocks to gain influence over banks

Would esteemed, albeit perpetually controversial, bank analyst Mike Mayo be better suited to a job on the buy-side?

Richard Bove's planned resignation stirs controversy

It takes a lot to muzzle Richard Bove, who is among the most widely quoted bank stock analysts.

Goldman Sachs: Time to buy large cap banks

Have big banks really turned the corner?

Bank of America scores another analyst win

I've noted the undercurrent of bullishness about Bank of America in the analyst ranks as of late, as more seem willing to recommend the stock.

Analysts pillory Facebook CEO

Sell-side analysts still wield a lot of clout.

Jefferies bullish on Facebook

The news about Facebook in the wake of its botched IPO has been unrelentingly negative.

Analysts duel over Goldman Sachs

Mike Mayo, the esteemed bank analyst, has gone bullish on Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, after chatting with CEO Lloyd Blankfein and COO David Viniar.

Spitzer defends global settlement

The news that Goldman Sachs was shuttering its Hudson Street independent research initiative has led to a new round of hand-wringing about the state of independent research.