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Latest Headlines

BlackRock gets a robo-advisor with FutureAdvisor acquisition

BlackRock will soon be the latest large firm to own its own robo-advisory with its announcement of its intent to purchase FutureAdvisor.

Thinknum harnesses the Internet's big data for financial analysis

Wall Street is always looking for alpha, but building the models and collecting the data to find that alpha can be time-consuming and exhausting. After watching Wall Street colleagues email spread sheets to each other, or search through shared drives to try to find models that others before them may have created, Justin Zhen and Gregory Ugwi decided there must be an easier way.

Salesforce targets financial advisors in first launch of financial services platform

Salesforce today announced Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, a version of its CRM platform designed to help financial advisors boost productivity and improve their engagement with clients. The platform, which has been under development for more than a year, marks the first time Salesforce has released a product specifically tailored to a vertical.

With Lending Club integration, LendingRobot offers seamless robo-investing in marketplace lending

Through a new, tighter integration with Lending Club, LendingRobot is looking to offer the first seamless solution for investors who want to deploy automated strategies, or robo-investing, in marketplace lending.  

eVestment sees financial advisors as the next frontier for smart data

eVestment sees a new segment of the financial industry as hungry for smart data on institutional investing trends: financial advisors.

Goldman Sachs to give clients more open-source access

Goldman Sachs is gradually transitioning to a more open-source model for technology, giving its clients more direct access to its in-house analytic tools and data platforms, according to the Wall...

Yodlee to be acquired by Envestnet

Yodlee, one of the pioneers in technology for aggregating customers' financial data from multiple websites, has agreed to be acquired by Envestnet, a provider of technology for financial advisors and institutions, in a cash and stock deal for around $590 million.

Wells Fargo explores sensor technology popular with gamers

One of the three companies selected for Wells Fargo's startup accelerator program this spring was a California-based firm whose mobile application analytics are used in the gaming industry for...

Consolidated Audit Trail requirements would begin to synchronize trading times

The Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)'s proposed requirement that market participants comply with a time synchronization standard of 50 millisecond may not sound like much in an industry where high speed players talk about microseconds and even nanoseconds. But time synchronization experts say even that basic standard would have the potential to give regulators and market participants much more clarity in auditing markets.  

Barclays' New York center marks launch of planned global network of innovation hubs

With the opening of a New York-based work space on Tuesday for incubating financial technology companies and fostering innovation and collaboration, Barclays is beginning development of what it plans will eventually be a global network of innovation hubs across four continents.