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Latest Headlines

New data model uses insider filings as company performance indicator

Can publicly available information from company insiders serve as an indicator of corporate performance? A new module from Thomson Reuters uses the stock transactions and holdings of company insiders to make predictions on stock performance.

CFTC turns to Treasury for help collecting swaps data

With growing amounts of data on the new electronic swaps markets and scant resources, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is turning to the U.S. Treasury's Office of Financial Research for help with data analytics. The CFTC and the Treasury Department signed a formal agreement on Monday to collaborate on improving the quality of swaps data.

Deutsche Borse launches notification feed to alert users of upcoming economic events

Deutsche Borse is launching a new notification service that alerts users 24 hours before an economic indicator is released, and then again closer to the release. The notification, called AlphaFlash Risk Signal, is part of Deutsche Borse's suite of AlphaFlash news feeds.

CBOE backs Tradelegs to support options trading by institutional investors

CBOE Holdings, the holding company for the Chicago Board Options Exchange, plans to invest in Tradelegs, a developer of decision support analytics used by institutional investors. The company said the investment was part of a strategy to expand institutional use of its options products through tools that make it easier to incorporate options into investment strategies.

Twitter merges with analytics for Bloomberg traders

Traders using Bloomberg terminals will now be able to analyze market sentiment based on Twitter activity. The move puts Bloomberg in step with Thomson Reuters, which added Twitter-based market sentiment analysis to its terminals last month.  

Big data meets equity research

Will equity research analysts evolve into data scientists, applying big data analytical tools to model markets and stocks? According to an article on Tabb Forum, they will if they have good survival skills.  

Artificial intelligence: the softer side of big data

Big data has been the rage for years now but it tends to have the reputation for being more of a middle or back office type of technology. The idea that massive amounts of data crunching can yield new business insights is appealing. The image that comes to mind is that these insights are uncovered by powerful computers conducting computationally intensive analysis in remote data centers.  

Asset managers test Siri-like virtual research assistant

A select group of asset managers and research teams is reportedly trying out a new kind of research assistant. "Warren," a new virtual intelligent market-research assistant from Kensho, can answer 1 million questions about the impact of global events on asset prices.  

M&A data mining

Call it big data or call it predictive analytics, but a Richmond, Va.-based mergers and acquisitions firm is gathering all the data it can to assess whether a deal will go through. The firm, Harris...

Singapore DBS Bank and IBM Watson

Most of us remember IBM Watson for its savvy chess strategy. Singapore DBS Bank has determined that Watson's cognitive computing skills have banking applications as well. Initially, DBS will...