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Latest Headlines

Data company's reinvention with conceptual search aims to aid search for alpha

In the hunt for alpha, one organization is betting it can find insight by looking at companies in new ways and through new categories. Avention, formerly known as OneSource, is a big data vendor that reinvented itself last year by relaunching under a new name along with new tools for searching, defining and configuring the types of data it has been selling for decades.

BlackRock launches smart beta bond ETF

BlackRock Inc. is launching its first smart beta bond exchange-traded fund (ETF), which will adjust the holdings of a bond index ETF so that overall credit risk and interest rate risk are equally...

ICE's Sprecher sees SuperDerivatives acquisition as serving key growth area

Intercontinental Exchange Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Sprecher says he sees data consumption is a key growth area for the financial industry, and expects last year's acquisition of SuperDerivatives to help the company better serve that growth.  

IBM and Softbank's artificial intelligence alliance may have banking implications

A newly announced partnership between Japanese Softbank and IBM aims to build artificial intelligence to new levels, even introducing IBM's Watson to Softbank's robot Pepper. But first, IBM's Watson will have to learn Japanese.  

Goldman-backed Symphony communication platform to add Twitter feeds

Symphony Communications is planning to add Twitter feeds to its platform and eventually branch out into other information channels as well.

Interactive Data sees continuous pricing's role in bond market evolution

With sharply lower dealer inventory levels, the U.S. corporate bond market is often depicted as a corner of fixed income trading most ripe for innovation.  

Fidelity's eMoney acquisition shows growing influence of digital solutions

In announcing its agreement to acquire wealth planning software company eMoney Advisor on Monday, Fidelity Investments clearly articulated that technology is central to its strategy for serving customers.  

Nasdaq launches lowered access fee experiment

Nasdaq lowered access fees for 14 stocks Monday, as part of an experimental pricing program through which the exchange will monitor and measure the market impact of the lowered fees. The experiment involves lowering access fees to five cents per 100 shares from 30 cents per 100 shares for 14 small and large capitalization companies traded on U.S. equity listing venues.  

Fixed income platform from RiskVal and Quantitative Brokers weds real-time analytics with algo execution

A new fixed income trading platform jointly developed by RiskVal and Quantitative Brokers merges real-time relative value analytics with advanced algorithmic execution of relative value trades. The RVQB platform, currently in beta with a select group of clients, was unveiled in a demonstration at RiskVal offices Wednesday.  

Alibaba-owned credit agency employs big data analytics for new view of creditworthiness

Alibaba's finance arm is launching a new credit agency that will use big data analytics to rate customers or businesses with little or no credit history. The new agency, Sesame Credit Management,...