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Latest Headlines

Google searches can predict stock market drops

When people are worried, apparently they seek answers on Google. Those searches in turn may be leading indicators for downturns in the stock market, according to a recent study by the U.K.'s...

Firms increasingly tap big data analytics for a macro view over potential insider trading or fraud

For years now, the purchase of large quantities of stock right before an event that makes the stock price rise--or the reverse, the sale or shorting of a stock right before a plunge--has triggered alarms among regulators and firms alike. While situations like those focus on a specific event, in the current regulatory environment, firms are increasingly casting a wider net.

RBS strategists warn of low bond market liquidity

RBS strategists are warning investors that the low liquidity in the bond market may pose a systemic risk if a change in monetary policy were to prompt selling of bonds. The RBS team says its...

Merrill Lynch devises new training track for financial advisors to integrate trainees into teams

Merrill Lynch introduced a new financial advisor training program Monday aimed at providing trainees with specialized skills and integrating them into financial advisory teams at the firm. The program is also intended to help with succession planning by enabling a new generation of advisors to work in concert with more senior team members.

GE, Frost Data Capital partnership looks to incubate 30 big data analytics companies in three years

If harnessing the power of big data is top of mind for executives at large firms, a new partnership between one of the country's largest corporations and a tech incubator aims to find at least 30 different ways to address it. Working in partnership, GE and Frost Data Capital plan to hatch, incubate and launch 30 new big data analytics companies over the next three years.

The rise of RIAs takes center stage

The recently released results of Charles Schwab's 2014 RIA Benchmarking Study show record growth among independent registered investment advisors. In fact, registered investment advisors had the highest profitability of any year since the inception of the study in 2006.  

BNP Paribas veteran applies algorithms to hedge fund selection process

A former head of global prime brokerage at BNP Paribas has launched an online start-up that uses algorithms to match investors to hedge funds that meet their investment strategies and risk appetites.

Start-up uses data analytics to offer attractive rates for invoice financing

Invoice financing Start-up Payplant offers small companies in need of cash fast payment for outstanding invoices. But unlike invoice factoring companies that charge high fees for funding, Payplant says it is able to offer these services at low rates due to a proprietary scoring method that uses analytics to asses both the small businesses in need of cash and the suppliers from whom they are awaiting payment.

For German soccer team, Big Data measures more than market risk

Before facing Brazil in the World Cup semifinals on Tuesday, the Germany soccer team did its homework, and it used a quantitative Big Data approach to do it. According to website 2paragraphs,...

Google designer now at Capital One hints at new things to come

Dan Makoski, a tech designer who worked on Microsoft Surface and most recently on Google's Project Ara initiative for creating open, modular smart phones, has moved on to Capital One. Apparently...