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Latest Headlines

Anti-money laundering challenges may cause retrenchment from correspondent banking, study shows

Anti-money laundering requirements can be costly and challenging to implement in general. In the correspondent banking world, the challenge can be magnified by multiple additional layers of complexity. This complexity has prompted some banks to pull back from correspondent banking, a recent PwC report argues, creating a new phenomenon in the correspondent banking world known as de-risking.  

KoreConX launches platform for managing due diligence, compliance in new crowdfunding market

With new rules opening up equity crowdfunding to a wider pool of investors, Toronto-based KoreConX is launching a platform for streamlining the crowdfunding process by managing compliance, due diligence and other governance issues.  

SEC approval of crowdfunding rules prompts Seedrs' immediate announcement of US beta site launch

On Friday the Security and Exchange Commission approved rules to allow companies to sell equity stakes to regular mom and pop investors through crowdfunding. On Monday, U.K.-based crowdfunding company Seedrs already announced that it plans to launch a beta test of its platform in the U.S. within weeks, with an official launch expected in early 2016.  

Auto finance sector slow to adopt latest technology

The auto-lending sector has been a bright spot for banks and other lenders, but its success may be inhibiting it from adopting new technology, a conference panel argued at the Linedata Exchange conference in London earlier this month.

For money markets, preparations are underway to adjust to variable and intraday NAV pricing

The money market world may still have about a year before much of the industry begins to move from the constant, $1 a share net asset value pricing to variable NAV or intraday day NAV pricing, but for firms that manage funds, or provide services to clients in the space, that's not as much time as it seems.

Markit takes on growing challenge of third-party risk management with launch of new platform

Markit is taking on the growing challenge of third-party risk management with the creation of a new cloud-based hub for standardizing third party risk management processes and helping firms organize and store third party risk data.  

Goldman will tweet and post earnings news itself, forgoing business wire services

When Goldman Sachs reports its third quarter results early Thursday morning, it plans to distribute the news on its own, bypassing some of the third-party news wire services used by thousands of companies. The move follows several controversies involving independent wire services in recent years, including hacking incidents and scrutiny over policies that gave preferred access to premium subscribers.

Eurex Clearing launches new service for initial margin calculation

Deutsche Borse subsidiary Eurex Clearing, which is one of the world's leading clearinghouses, is launching a new service for calculating initial margins on current and hypothetical portfolios. The new service, called Eurex Clearing Prisma Margin Estimator, will become available November 16.

Moscow Exchange's T+0 and centralized FX facilitate electronic market making

Making markets in emerging markets can be challenging. While Russia has experienced a period of economic volatility over the past 18 months, Moscow Exchange has several features that have made it a...

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, SmartStream reveal reference data utility project

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley announced they have joined with SmartStream to create a reference data utility that will normalize and validate data across asset classes. The utility is called Securities Product Reference Data or SPReD, and the founding banks will all use its service as clients.