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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New York attorney general subpoenas high frequency trading firms

The office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent subpoenas to six high-frequency trading firms as part of an investigation into whether certain participants in the market have unfair advantages over others.

Fidelity aims to build new equity trading venue

Fidelity has begun work on the creation of a new equity trading venue that would be a collaboration among big mutual fund firms. The new marketplace would focus on reducing costs and streamlining trading for investment firms.

SEC considers maker-taker pilot test

Securities and Exchange Commission officials, including some commissioners, are considering a trial program to curb maker-taker fees and rebates, the  Wall Street Journal  reported today. Regulators are becoming increasingly concerned that market prices are being distorted, the paper quotes SEC officials as saying.

Lawsuit claims CME gave HFT early access

Three traders are suing CME Group, owner of the world's largest futures market, for allegedly selling information to high-frequency traders ahead of other market participants. CME has denied any wrongdoing.  

Goldman Sachs considers shuttering dark pool

Goldman Sachs is considering shutting down Sigma X its dark pool trading venue. The company is reportedly weighing whether the revenue it earns from the business is worth the risks of potential trading glitches or regulatory scrutiny, the  Wall Street Journal  first reported.

Liquidnet brings dark pool experience to bond market

As bond market participants wrestle with how to replace lost liquidity, the situation has now attracted the attention of an equity market player. Liquidnet, a dark pool that spans 5 continents and counts 740 asset managers in its network, is making its first foray into the bond market with its acquisition of Vega-Chi.

Nasdaq, NYSE push for rule to limit dark pools

Nasdaq and NYSE Euronext are joining forces to support a rule that could potentially limit dark pools and drive trading to exchanges in a proposed pilot program under consideration by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The rule is called the "trade at" rule and it could potentially be added to the pilot program to widen tick sizes.

DTCC gets mixed ruling in CFTC suit, with 3 of 5 counts dismissed

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp's lawsuit against the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission will proceed in a pared-down form. A U.S. District Judge threw out three of five counts in the case, in which the DTCC alleges that CFTC policies have put it at a competitive disadvantage in terms of swaps data reporting.

Nasdaq's private market

Nasdaq has officially launched its Nasdaq Private Market, a platform for private companies to raise capital, control secondary transactions and manage equity-related functions. Nasdaq is not the...

Hong Kong weighs making dark pools off-limits to retail investors

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) is proposing limiting dark pools to institutional trading only and excluding retail investors. Initial reaction to the proposal appears positive as dark pool operators in Hong Kong say retail investors are not significant participants in those markets.