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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Virtu moves to restart the IPO process

Virtu Financial Inc., which indefinitely postponed plans for its much-anticipated initial public offering last year amid the negative publicity the Michael Lewis bestseller "Flash Boys" brought to high-frequency trading, is now taking steps to reignite the process.

KCG BondPoint expands institutional offering through Charles River IMS

Electronic bond trading platform KCG BondPoint is expanding into the institutional space through integration with the Charles River Development's Investment Management Solution. The partnership is noteworthy as it represents a blending of different trade types at a time when shifting liquidity structures could force buy-side firms to look for new avenues through which to do business.

Fidelity takes lead in launch of buy side-backed dark pool

Nine asset managers led by Fidelity are reportedly about to launch a dark pool that will allow them to trade large blocks of stock among themselves without the involvement of sell-side firms or high-frequency traders.

Exchanges propose running bank dark pools on an outsourced basis

Would banks consider outsourcing the management of their dark pool infrastructures to... exchanges? That is the concept reportedly being floated by at least two of the country's leading exchanges, Nasdaq and BATS Global Markets, according to  Wall Street Journal  and  Reuters  reports.

BATS proposes tiered market access fees, adjustments to Reg NMS

In an open letter to the industry and the Securities and Exchange Commission, BATS Global Markets is proposing tiered market access fees, calling for a change from the "one-size-fits-all aspects of market structure." The Lenexa, Kan.-based exchange is also proposing certain modifications to Regulation National Market System (Reg NMS) related to greater order handling transparency and higher standards for small trading centers.

Project Neptune completes bond market protocol

Project Neptune, a plan for boosting liquidity in the European and U.S. corporate bond market backed by more than 25 financial institutions, has reportedly completed a major step in its development. Sell-side banks and buy-side institutions have agreed to a common protocol for exchanging information about dealer inventory available in the market.

Citi plans to fold LavaFlow ECN

Citigroup is closing its LavaFlow alternative trading venue because the firm decided the venue hasn't achieved enough scale to merit continued investment. The move comes just months after LavaFlow was forced to pay $5 million in regulatory fines and as alternative trading systems and dark pools in general are coming under increased scrutiny.

Challenging the logic of frequent batch auctions

As CEO of a trading venue that has long used electronic auctions as its signature trading method, PDQ chief executive Keith Ross might seem like an unlikely person to challenge a proposal to replace central limit order book trading with frequent batch auctions. But for Ross, not all electronic auctions are created equal.  

ICAP's EBS to launch anonymous FX liquidity pool

ICAP's EBS foreign exchange trading business will launch an anonymous bilateral liquidity pool in early 2015. The company will segment EBS Select, the new pool, so that prices will be delivered in an undisclosed environment and a segregated liquidity pool.

Turquoise block order service launches with seven brokers

Turquoise, the European dark pool owned by the London Stock Exchange, has launched a service for trading large block orders, with liquidity provided by seven brokers out of the gate.