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Latest Headlines

IBM acquires payment fraud analytics firm IRIS

IBM has acquired IRIS Analytics, a privately-held company specializing in real-time analytics for combatting payment fraud.

Israeli startup says encryption needs a new paradigm

Recent studies show that cybercrime is rising as one of the banking industry's most pressing threats. An Israeli startup said that's because the prevalent method of encryption has been around long enough for cybercriminals to have perfected ways for exploiting its weaknesses.

Fidelity boosts activity monitoring to protect aging clients

In an effort to better protect aging clients who may have diminished capacity, Fidelity is partnering with technology provider EverSafe for enhanced identity theft protection and activity monitoring.

Banks push back against financial aggregation

Financial aggregators have been around for years, more than a decade in some cases. Yet recent reports indicate that some of the country's biggest banks are starting to push back against what they view as certain repercussions of these third-party services.

JPMorgan hack was just tip of crime ring iceberg

With the announcement of indictments against three men in a cybercrime ring Tuesday, federal prosecutors revealed that the massive cyberattack against JPMorgan Chase last year was just one piece of a convoluted scam that involved stock manipulation schemes, illegal gambling and other financial scams.

Intel Security's McAffee Labs predicts financial sector to be hit by 'integrity' attack in 2016

In 2016 an "integrity" attack in the financial sector will result in millions of dollars quietly redirected to anonymized accounts, according to a  Threat Prediction Report  released Tuesday by Intel Security's McAffee Labs.  

Keystroke and finger-swipe monitoring looks to make inroads in US

A Swedish company is looking to make inroads in the US with a type of biometric user authentication that it said is less intrusive than iris scanning or adding increasingly complex passwords. The technology measures users' typing and swiping behavior.

Backers of blockchain aim to boost its image through law enforcement partnership

Bitcoin fortunes may come and go, but the distributed ledger or blockchain technology that underpins bitcoin has steadily gained respect, particularly in the financial services and payments space. The companies that are building business models around blockchain technology, however, are worried enough about the technology's image problem to partner with law enforcement to try to change it.

Visa to launch threat intelligence portal in partnership with FireEye

Card giant Visa Inc. and cyber threat detection company FireEye will jointly launch a portal for delivering real-time threat information to merchants and issuers by the end of the year. The portal, to be called Visa Threat Intelligence Powered by FireEye, represents the first product to emerge from the strategic partnership between the two companies that was first announced in June.  

Ethical hackers look for security weaknesses before they are exploited

The Department of Homeland Security said it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, yet Scottrade and the American Bankers Association have both reported breaches in the past week. For those organizations, forensic security will fully unwind the severity of the situation, but firms are increasingly adopting preemptive, or ethical hacking to uncover the weaknesses before they are exploited.