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Latest Headlines

Red Lambda deploys artificial intelligence and peer-to-peer technology for cybersecurity

A Florida company is taking peer-to-peer and artificial intelligence technology originally developed through the University of Florida and National Science Foundation research and applying it to enterprise-level security.

With concerns mounting, Finra puts its big data CARDS project on hold

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has pressed the pause button on its controversial CARDS program, bowing to pressure from financial firms that have widely criticized the project.

Flash crash arrest raises oversight issues for markets

News reports about the arrest of Navinder Singh Sarao for his role in contributing to the "flash crash" were accompanied by reports that the CME Group had spotted the trading irregularities a year prior to the flash crash--yet the trading patterns persisted through 2014.  

IBM says financial firms need to fight Dyre Wolf with cyber education

The financial industry needs to employ training and education to fight Dyre Wolf, a sophisticated virus targeting financial firms. The dangerous multi-faceted virus uses fraudulent call center agents to bait employees into sharing passwords for firms' financial accounts.  

Barclays reshores anti-fraud activities in new UK center

Barclays says it is developing a "center of excellence" for fraud detection and response in Sunderland in northeast England. The new center will add 200 jobs to Barclays' existing facilities in the area focusing on fraud response, and will consolidate some fraud related operations that have been handled across the U.K. and overseas.

Tanium secures $52 million funding, enhances platform

Enterprise security and systems management technology company Tanium has announced an additional $52 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz as well as new enhancements to its platform. The funding builds on a $90 million investment from Andreessen Horowitz last May.

Consumer group looks to garner support for safer use of EMV cards

A consumer group is looking to pressure the U.S. credit card industry to adopt more secure use of EMV chip card technology, and it is hoping to enlist increasing consumer support for its efforts. The...

Europol predicts big data, digital currency and social networks will fuel organized crime activity

In a comprehensive study of organized crime incidents and future criminal activity drivers, Europol identified key technologies ranging from big data to digital currency that could make the financial industry increasingly susceptible to theft, money laundering and other financial crimes.

MasterCard's $20 million cybersecurity investment includes monitoring, biometrics

MasterCard is planning to spend $20 million on cybersecurity initiatives that will include a bank safety layer and a biometrics pilot program. The credit card company plans to debut both announced initiatives this year.

Cyberthreat information sharing gets big backing from Facebook

The concept of sharing cyberthreat information got a boost this week from one of the biggest names in social networking: Facebook. The company's new ThreatExchange platform is reportedly based upon a system the social networking site was using internally to catalog threats to its network in real time.