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Latest Headlines

Morgan Stanley trims, restructures wealth management

Less than two months after taking the reins as head of field management for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Shelley O'Connor has announced a major countrywide restructuring of the industry's largest retail brokerage network.

SunGard splits in two

SunGard, the financial technology giant that grew through a continual stream of acquisitions a decade ago, has now split into two companies. SunGard Availability Services, which does $1.4 billion in yearly sales, is now independent from larger unit SunGard Data System Inc., which does $2.8 billion in yearly sales.

Credit Agricole migrates 39 banks to a single platform

Credit Agricole has completed an ambitious plan begun in 2008 to migrate 39 branches from five different regional information systems onto a single platform. The project affected 70,000 internal users and 21 million customers.  

Time synchronization in the cloud

An added wrinkle to the challenge of time synchronization for financial firms is cloud computing. As firms consider how extensively they can rely on the cloud for critical business processes, they are beginning to explore whether the cloud environment adversely affects time synchronization. Unfortunately, the answer appears to be yes, it does.  

E*Trade outage blocks users from online trading for hours

An outage at E*Trade prevented customers from accessing their trading accounts by Web or by cell phone for hours on Wednesday. The malfunction, which reportedly began around 10:30 a.m. persisted through the release of Federal Reserve policy meeting minutes at 2 p.m.  

FierceFinance is now part of FierceFinanceIT

Technology drives an ever-increasing portion of the investment, trading and asset management sectors. That's why we have made the decision to merge sister publication FierceFinance into...

DTCC Automates Corporate Actions Processing with ISO 10022

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation has received its first automated inbound corporate action instruction message. DTCC is automating corporate actions processing using the ISO 10022 messaging format.  

Morgan Stanley wealth management unit hits end-of-year technology snag

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management held an emergency meeting to manage end-of year technology problems that impaired the rebalancing of brokerages accounts, according to a Fox Business exclusive.  

Do banks need to combat tech giants like Google, Apple?

So who are banks really competing against? They are fighting bitterly against one another of course. But longer-term, the real enemies in the mind of one executive are the likes of Amazon or Google....

Goldman Sachs embraces open platforms, commodity computing

Goldman Sachs has a mainstream image, but its technology team may have an alternative and experimental streak, according to comments made by one of its top technology executives at a conference earlier this week.