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Latest Headlines

BIAN expands in the US as PNC and others embrace the non-profit's bank IT standards

About two years ago, looking for a way to modernize aspects of its architecture, PNC Bank joined the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), a non-profit group looking to reduce integration cost for banks through the creation of consistent service definitions in a service oriented architecture.  

Open APIs continue to gain steam

Last week the Danish multi-asset trading and investment firm Saxo Bank announced that it would open access to its trading infrastructure with the launch of OpenAPI. It's not alone.  

HSBC payments failure renews concerns about aging payment infrastructures

A processing failure that prevented 275,000 HSBC customers in the U.K. from receiving their pay ahead of a holiday weekend last weekend has renewed concerns in the U.K. about how effectively banks are maintaining their payment infrastructures.

Capital One launches Hygieia open source DevOps dashboard

Announcing that the company has taken another step toward establishing its "geek cred," Capital One unveiled Hygieia, an open source DevOps dashboard at the Oscon open source conference this week. With Hygieia's release, Capital One said it is the first large bank to release an open source software product to the world, and the company promises additional open source products are in the pipeline.

MIT showcases flash memory for big data

Researchers at MIT have unveiled a flash memory solution for big data designed to provide high-speed, high-capacity random-access storage while saving costs and power consumption. In a paper on the...

RBS announces increased IT investment the day after payments failure

Royal Bank of Scotland chief administration officer Simon McNamara announced that the bank plans to invest an additional £150 million ($239 million) to improve the resilience of its computer...

RBS delay in restoring 600,000 missing payments draws attention to aging infrastructures

Royal Bank of Scotland attracted widespread criticism this week when it promised to restore 600,000 payments that went missing due to a technical glitch in four days – a timetable viewed as unacceptably long. The glitch, which occurred early Wednesday and affected customers of RBS's NatWest, Ulster Bank and Coutts banking chains, was corrected Wednesday, but the bank said it might take until Saturday to complete the backlog of restoring all missing payments.

Charles Schwab plans to keep HQ in San Francisco, but move jobs elsewhere

At the height of the dot-com boom, Charles Schwab employed 10,000 people in its San Francisco headquarters. Now, the company's San Francisco employment is at 1,900, with plans to scale down to...

HSBC to cut 50,000 jobs, improve technology

HSBC announced plans to cut headcount by 50,000 while embarking on other business reshaping initiatives including boosting and improving its technology. The measures, announced during an investor update Tuesday morning, are part of a target to deliver 10 percent return on equity by 2017.

JPMorgan Chase ends voicemail for half of consumer banking employees

JPMorgan Chase is ending voicemail offerings for roughly half of the employees of its Chase consumer banking division. While employees who work with customers will continue to have voicemail, the...