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Latest Headlines

PayStand expands online card, check, bitcoin payment processing to point-of-sale

Startup online merchant payment processor PayStand, which last year launched an online platform that allows merchants to accept alternative forms of payments alongside credit cards, has expanded into the point of sale space. Its new mobile point-of-sale payments processor, allows merchants to accept credit cards, checks, or digital currency like bitcoin-- all from an iOS mobile device.  

Mutual funds in India tap WhatsApp, social media and chat to reach investors

In India, where mobile phone usage is exploding, mutual fund companies are launching a variety of innovative method for reaching and engaging potentials customers including WhatsApp, Facebook and other chat and social media services.  

Square redesigns peer-to-peer cash payments for businesses

Square, the company that made it easy for any small business to process credit card payments with its mini-card reader, is trying to help make it just as easy for businesses to accept cash. Although Square has been processing email-based peer-to-peer cash payments for individuals since 2013, its newest iteration of peer-to-peer cash payments is specifically designed for businesses.

Facebook Messenger adds another giant to peer-to-peer payments

Much like Apple's announcement that it was entering mobile payments with Apple Pay, Facebook's announcement that it will launch peer-to-peer payments signals the entrance of a giant into a still evolving field.

Alibaba's Alipay aims for facial recognition authentication

Looking to top Apple Pay's biometric Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology, Alibaba is already testing facial recognition for use as a secure authentication tool for mobile payment. Alibaba founder Jack Ma demonstrated the technology Sunday at the CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany.

IBM looks to build blockchain system for major currencies

IBM is looking to build a blockchain-based system for digital cash and payment in major currencies, according to a Reuters exclusive report. Details remain vague, but it appears the system would not...

Blythe Masters brings Wall Street experience to block chain-related startup

Blythe Masters, the former head of JPMorgan's commodities business credited as an architect of the credit default swap, may be helping to build the bridge between Wall Street and bitcoin-related...

MasterCard and Visa see growth of bank-based mobile payment projects

While Apple Pay and, more recently, Samsung Pay are grabbing headlines, credit card giants Visa and MasterCard have been quietly helping a growing number of banks launch their own mobile payment...

Samsung officially challenges Apple Pay with announcement of Samsung Pay

Samsung unveiled its Samsung Galaxy 6 and Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge smartphones over the weekend, giving the world a look at its first phones that will offer Samsung Pay, the Korean technology company's challenge to Apple Pay.  

Softcard joins former competitor Google to face Apple

Softcard's announcement early this week that Google had acquired it merges two of the earliest competitors in U.S. mobile payments to face the powerful late entrance from Apple Pay. It also gives Google strong connections to all four major U.S. wireless carriers.