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Latest Headlines

Visa and MasterCard anger Putin

Visa and MasterCard have honored U.S. sanctions against Russia by not processing payments from certain Russian banks. They are finding that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not take political...

Fidelity launches smartwatch market information app for investors

Adding to its wearable computing offerings, Fidelity has launched the Fidelity Watchapp for Pebble. The app allows customers to view a stock list with market information and receive market alerts on their wristwatch.  

Deadline looming, banks negotiate extended XP support to finish ATM upgrades

With Microsoft scheduled to withdraw support for its XP operating system April 8, banks around the world are negotiating support extensions as they scramble to upgrade automated teller machines to Windows 7. Several banks are reportedly using the forced migration to modernize their ATMs, adding new capabilities such as reading chips instead of magnetic stripes.

BlackBerry explores BBM money transfers

The concept of making payments by mobile phone has gotten some attention lately. A recent survey by Bain & Company found mobile users in the U.S. and Western Europe lukewarm to the idea--only a...

Wells Fargo and CIBC push forward with contactless mobile payments

In separate but related announcements Well Fargo and CIBC are stepping up their contactless mobile payments services for customers. In both cases the services involve customers downloading payment apps to their cell phones that are linked to the banks' credit cards. With the apps installed, customers can hold their phones in front of point-of-sale terminals and "tap-to-pay."  

Westpac's wearable technology push

Westpac has decided 2014 will be the year of wearable technology, and the Australia and New Zealand-based banking company is testing Google Glass in both countries. In New Zealand, the bank is...

Barclays plans big cuts in investment banking and branches

Barclays is planning to cut 400 investment banking jobs and replace 400 branches with supermarket outlets, as customers move to lower-touch mobile banking.

Scotiabank's ING Direct sees opportunity in wealth management

Scotiabank's ING Direct unit sees wealth management as a huge avenue for growth, along with eventually adding an online brokerage. Those moves are part of the long-term plan for the unit, which is focusing on growing its customer base over the next five years.

Finland's experiment with gingerbread cookies as currency

If you think bitcoin has some kinks to work out, consider Finland's alternative. Finnish long-distance bus company Matkahuolto tried a unique promotion for the holidays. A gingerbread cookie...

Bank of America ponders its mobile future

By dint of its sheer size and massive mobile investment, Bank of America Corp. has to be considered a must-watch consumer bank. Few other banks can boast that its customers are logging on to its...