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Latest Headlines

Greek crisis prompts spike in European bitcoin buying from outside Greece

The crisis in Greece appears to be prompting a surge in bitcoin buying, particularly in Europe where the Greek crisis has strongest implications. But the buying is not coming from Greece itself, bitcoin observers said, as Greeks are currently restricted in their access to cash with which to buy bitcoin.  

Citi redesigns iPhone app to improve ease of use and integrate with Apple Watch

Citi has redesigned its Citi Mobile App for iPhone to include integration with the Apple Watch as well as new features for ease-of-use, such as the use of Touch ID for quick log ons.

Barclays preempts ApplePay's UK arrival with its own contactless wearables

Barclays is one of the few U.K. banks that has not yet agreed to support Apple Pay when it launches in the U.K. in July, but the bank is stepping up the competition, debuting its own contactless pay solutions available for purchase July 1. Barclays' Barclaycard division is launching three new devices – a wristband, a sticker and a key fob, or key chain – that can be used to make contactless payments across the U.K.

Western Union adds to Greek woes, suspending money transfers

Greeks face one more obstacle in accessing money this week as international money transfer giant Western Union has closed for business in Greece for at least the rest of the week. "Due to...

Charles Schwab launches registered investment advisor version of robo-advisory platform

Charles Schwab this week unveiled its Institutional Intelligent Portfolios, a version of its Intelligent Portfolios robo-advisory offering designed specifically for registered investment advisors (RIA). The firm said that the automated offering will help advisors scale their businesses and reach new market segments with automated services.  

Barclays partners with bitcoin tech vendor Safello on proof of concept

Barclays has reportedly signed a proof of concept with European bitcoin retailer Safello aimed at working together to explore how blockchain technologies could be used in the financial sector. The partnership came after Safello completed participation in Barclays' 13-week accelerator program.

Lending Club to screen applicants for Opportunity Fund loans

Opportunity Fund, the largest non-profit lender to small businesses in California, is partnering with Lending Club to pre-screen applicants for Opportunity Fund Loans. Calling the arrangement a "breakthrough collaboration of high-tech and non-profit lending" the partners say Opportunity Fund will review applicants screened by Lending Tree through a "seamless technology integration."  

Etsy begins crowdfunding pilot

Etsy, the peer-to-peer e-commerce site that operates like a massive digital craft fair, is testing a new service for its sellers: crowdfunding. The limited two-month pilot, running in the U.S. only, allows sellers to raise funds to grow their businesses or develop new products by essentially selling advanced bulk orders of products in the initial concept phase.

Alibaba's bank avoids US technology to launch on internally built cloud

Alibaba will launch its bank on the company's own brand of cloud technology, deliberately avoiding technology from U.S. computing giants like IBM, Oracle and EMC. The move would make Alibaba's MyBank the first bank to eschew U.S. technology in China and put the bank in step with the Chinese government, which is pushing to purge U.S. technology from the domestic financial sector.

Bank-owned P2P payment network launches real-time payments

ClearXchange, the person-to-person payment network jointly owned by five of the largest U.S. banks, has launched real-time P2P payments. The technology is available immediately to existing members of the network and will be offered to all new members moving forward. Member banks are expected to begin implementing the technology for roll out to their customers over the next year.