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Latest Headlines

El-Erian joins P2P firm that seeks to shake up traditional lending

Scott Saunders, the founder of peer-to-peer lender Payoff says that much of traditional lending is "aimed at keeping borrowers in a perpetual state of debt." He is looking to shake up...

Assessing a crowded mobile payments landscape

Looking at the number and variety of entrants in the mobile payments space, it's clear that a wide cross-section of businesses and industries see it as a market with abundant potential. Yet no single product has a dominant hold on the market, and views differ on the technology, functionality and framework of an eventual solution, making it difficult to define just where the industry is in its evolution.

In France, Twitter users can tweet money

French banking group Groupe BPCE and Twitter have teamed up to offer a service that allows Twitter users to send money to their followers. The service, called S-Money, allows money to be transferred...

Apple Pay's tokenization has parallel significance for B2B, SAP says

After the fanfare over Apple's release of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Pay function starting next month, it could be Apple's embrace of "tokenization" that has the most potential to fundamentally change payments. With uses abound, tokenizaiton has as much potential for businesses as it does for consumers and retailers, an executive with enterprise software giant SAP says.

Apple's late entrance into mobile payments smooths the bumps of forerunners

Apple's much-anticipated entrance into mobile payments uses fingerprint scans and tokenization to emphasize security and usability. The release, coming a year or more after rival mobile payment schemes from competitors such as Google, PayPal and mobile carrier-backed Softcard, aims to correct some of the hiccups that have drawn criticism for its predecessors.

What banks need to learn from Alibaba

If rumors hold, Alibaba's IPO, potentially one of the largest ever, may launch as early as next week. The U.S. banking industry, wary about where the next disruptor to its business model may be coming from, might learn a thing or new from studying the Chinese e-commerce giant.

UK looks at Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies to grow fintech sector

The U.K. is aiming to be number one in the world in financial technology development, and the path toward achieving that top status will involve embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, British...

ZipZap partners with Payzone to increase accessibility to Bitcoin in UK

Through a partnership with UK payment network Payzone, San Francisco-based bitcoin payment processor ZipZap will enable bitcoin purchasing at 20,000 retail locations throughout the UK. The partnership is part of an international effort to "democratize" access to digital currency.  

Most consumers bank by mobile phone but steer clear of mobile payments, study says

Americans are wedded to their cell phones, and nearly two-thirds have at least tried mobile banking. But comfort levels with mobile banking services vary by function, and while most are comfortable using smartphones to deposit checks, comfort levels with mobile wallets remain low, a Bank of America study shows.

Mobile banking malware hits more than 100,000 users in Korea

A mobile malware application that specifically searches for banking apps on a mobile device has already hit 100,000 smartphone users in Korea. The android Trojan app pretends to be a popular game,...