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Latest Headlines

American Express to offer mid-market companies cloud-based payment tools

American Express is planning to offer mid-sized businesses cloud-based tools for automated commercial payments to suppliers. The tools, being offered by the American Express Global Corporate Payments division in partnership with cloud-based financial management vendor Intacct, will allow mid-sized businesses to log on to a cloud-based tool and send checks to a supplier and automatically update the general ledger  by clicking a button.

JPMorgan cutting 3,000 more jobs in cards and mortgages

JPMorgan Chase & Co. plans to cut 3,000 more jobs than it originally forecasted in February, with 2,000 of the extra job cuts coming in credit cards, merchant services and auto loans areas, and the remaining 1,000 coming from the home loan unit.

Visa to make development tools open to outside programmers

Visa is aiming to offer increased personalization to its customers and is willing to work more closely with partners and outside developers to achieve it. That includes external programmers access to application program interfaces and software development kits to build on.

Mobile payments take sides in burger wars

PayPal added sizzle to the mobile payments battles this week, announcing it has partnered with Burger King for mobile payments, just months after Apple Pay announced that it has a partnership with McDonald's.  

Citi slims bank branches, RBS cuts them

Citigroup is planning to revamp its branch network by transitioning to smaller bank branches that have less than half the square-footage of a current average branch. Meanwhile Royal Bank of Scotland announced a revamp of its own--earmarking 154 branches, or at least 5 percent of its branch network, for closure.

GlobeOne financial community plans banking with free money transfers

A technology company called GlobeOne is planning to launch a new type of community banking next year--global community banking. Unveiled at Money20/20, GlobeOne will launch in partnership with...

Banking on mobility

Just as many consumers have a bank-branded credit or debit card in their wallets as a go-to payment method, the banking community would like its role in a mobile wallet to be at least as prominent.

Apple Pay competitor MCX explains CurrentC exclusivity agreement with retailers

Merchant Consumer Exchange, the organization behind the forthcoming merchant-owned mobile payment solution CurrentC, says it has an exclusive agreement with its retailers that prevents them from accepting solutions like Apple Pay and Softcard.

Financial services execs increasingly look past Bitcoin to the potential of the blockchain

While Bitcoin has attracted an oversized amount of attention, both positive and negative, several executives at financial services firms are increasingly looking past Bitcoin to the blockchain technology that underpins it--and they see strong potential for financial services.

Apple Pay faces first hurdles from Walmart, Rite Aid and CVS

When Apple entered the competitive mobile payment space this fall with its launch of Apple Pay, it was hailed as the solution that would rise above the pack, buoyed by an easy-to-use design and a fiercely loyal customer base. But now, the company is seeing just how competitive that mobile payments landscape is, with retailers Walmart, Rite Aid and CVS all reportedly shunning Apple Pay in favor of solutions that they have had a hand in developing.