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Latest Headlines

UK looks at Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies to grow fintech sector

The U.K. is aiming to be number one in the world in financial technology development, and the path toward achieving that top status will involve embracing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, British...

ZipZap partners with Payzone to increase accessibility to Bitcoin in UK

Through a partnership with UK payment network Payzone, San Francisco-based bitcoin payment processor ZipZap will enable bitcoin purchasing at 20,000 retail locations throughout the UK. The partnership is part of an international effort to "democratize" access to digital currency.  

Most consumers bank by mobile phone but steer clear of mobile payments, study says

Americans are wedded to their cell phones, and nearly two-thirds have at least tried mobile banking. But comfort levels with mobile banking services vary by function, and while most are comfortable using smartphones to deposit checks, comfort levels with mobile wallets remain low, a Bank of America study shows.

Mobile banking malware hits more than 100,000 users in Korea

A mobile malware application that specifically searches for banking apps on a mobile device has already hit 100,000 smartphone users in Korea. The android Trojan app pretends to be a popular game,...

Mobile payments await the future

With a couple taps and a wave of the cellphone at checkout, your items are purchased, receipts are electronically received and stored and expense tracking applications are adjusted to incorporate the latest purchases into the monthly budget. That is the future that banks, wireless carriers, retailers and online powerhouses like Google and PayPal are jockeying to define.

Adoption of Bitcoin will be similar to Napster, expert says

To imagine the impact bitcoin might have on payments, it might be worthwhile to compare it to Napster. "When Napster started, the guys were sued by the music industry because they were...

Will Apple disintermediate banks from mobile payment?

For a while now, parties interested in mobile payment have been eyeing the space to see what will be the catalyst to take mobile payment to the next level. Apple, because of the iPhone's dominance in the mobile phone market and the loyalty of its user base, is viewed as having the potential to be that game changer.

Barclays plans contactless payment wristband to go live in 2015

The Barclaycard division of Barclays is planning to release a contactless payment wristband, and will begin giving the bands out for free at concerts and other venues in advance of the full-scale...

Adarsh Credit delivers mobile banking to rural India, cashless payments to come next year

Founded in 1999, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society serves a customer base of 1 million in rural India through a network of 100,000 agents who go door-to-door collecting deposits. In the communities it serves, there are no other banks, and most customers have never had a bank account before.

Indonesian banks to reach islanders with floating ATMs

Indonesia's banks are some of the most profitable in the world, according to Bloomberg, but they face extreme challenges in attracting new customers. The primary challenge: water. Indonesia is...