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Latest Headlines

Electronic payment alternative grows in overlooked B2B payment space

With Android Pay and Samsung Pay preparing to challenge Apple Pay and PayPal, the consumer payments space is exploding with payment alternatives. But a four-year-old company sees the business-to-business payment space as even more primed for disruption.

Fidelity Information Services opens lab to explore serving India's underbanked

Fidelity Information Services (FIS) is launching a financial inclusion lab in Bengaluru, India, to develop ways to provide banking services to the millions of India's underbanked citizens....

PayPal moves into 'contextual commerce' with acquisition of Modest

In its first acquisition since splitting from eBay, PayPal is acquiring contextual commerce company Modest. The new acquisition will transition PayPal from a payments provider into provider of "a complete commerce solution," the company said.  

Goldman Sachs Bank USA acquires GE Capital Bank's online deposit platform

Goldman Sachs Bank USA (GS Bank) announced late last week that it has entered into an agreement to acquire GE Capital Bank's (GECB) online deposit platform and assume approximately $8 billion in online deposit accounts and $8 billion in brokered certificates of deposit.  

Preparing for launch, Samsung Pay emphasizes magnetic transmission and global distribution

Preparing to launch Samsung Pay, Samsung is focusing on accessibility, emphasizing the product's usability with magnetic stripe terminals, while at the same time accelerating the global rollout of the service. Samsung announced last week that it is set to officially introduce the service in Korea on Aug. 20 and the U.S. on Sept. 28.

Earthport enables real-time cross-border payments using Ripple protocol

U.K.-based cross-border payments network Earthport said that it can now enable real-time cross-border payments via distributed ledger protocol through a partnership with Ripple Labs. The firm said...

Lending Club offers open integration

Lending Club is launching a new suite of application programming interface services that advisors or brokers can integrate directly into websites. The API suite, called Lending Club Open Integration, will allow advisors and brokers to offer Lending Club Notes as an investment option directly to their retail clients.

Online platform aims for speed with collaboration and auto-decisioning

In an upgrade announced this week, Cloud Lending Solutions is aiming to shrink the underwriting time for a range of borrowing needs, from small, personal, unsecured loans to more complex commercial real estate transactions. The key to speed that the company is banking on is a two-pronged strategy involving auto-decisioning for smaller, basic loans, and online collaboration for the larger, more complex ones.

MasterCard expands digital wallet through PAY.ON, Citibank India and travel industry partnerships

In a spate of recent announcements, MasterCard revealed it is actively expanding the reach of its MasterPass digital wallet. The company has sought to boost the wallet's acceptance through partnerships with Citibank India, the payment gateway PAY.ON, and through multiple partnerships in the travel industry.

Santander helps customers put money in the kitty

The U.K. arm of Santander has launched a collective savings app that lets users create and manage pools of money with friends and colleagues. The bank says the app, called KiTTi, is the U.K.'s...